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Antisemitic Incidents Remain At Record Highs Through the U.S.

You are currently viewing Antisemitic Incidents Remain At Record Highs Through the U.S.
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Antisemitic occurrences that include harassment, vandalism, and other violence targeting American Jews remained at historically high levels in 2020. This what the Anti-Defamation League confirmed in a new report. On a nationwide level, the ADL reported 2,024 incidents in its annual Audit of Antisemitic Incidents, just released. Moreover, the final tally marks a four percent decline from 2019. This when antisemitic incidents in the United States hit a record-high number.

Antisemitic Incidents

43 were of the occurrences were therefore recording in Ohio, according to the report. “Moreover, any decline in the data is really encouraging. Yet, we still experience a year in which antisemitic acts stay at a dangerously high level despite COVID-19-related pandemic lockdowns. Plus, there are other important changes in our daily lives and interactions with others,” Jonathan Greenblatt said. He is ADL CEO and national director. “Moreover, we can’t let our guard down. Communities have begun to open up. Then people spend more time in person with other people. As a result, we must remain steadfast and vigilant in regard to any antisemitic activity.”

Spray Painting Swastikas

This constant vigilance could prevent further incidents from occurring. For instance, like one reported at the Lansing Avenue Jewish Cemetery in Cleveland, Ohio. This incident is where vandals broke in and spray-painted swastikas around the property. There is a similar vandalism incident was reporting in other cities.

Third-Highest Year for Incidents

Then last year, it was marking the third-highest year for incidents against American Jews. This is since ADL began tracking this data in 1979. It is when it broke down the number of incidents. The report confirming a total of 1,242 incidents of harassment and a 10 percent increase from 2019. At the same time, acts of vandalism and assault are dropping by 18 percent and 49 percent, respectively moreover. In fact, no antisemitic fatalities were reporting in 2020.

However, the report is mainly attributing the comprehensive drop in reporting cases to the moving to online learning; reporting incidents at U.S. schools and colleges nosediving during the COVID-19 pandemic, according to the report.

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