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Amtrak Looking at a Major Expansion Across the U.S.

You are currently viewing Amtrak Looking at a Major Expansion Across the U.S.
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Amtrak is creating what it’s calling a “visionary plan” for expansion of rail service across the U.S. This includes the possibility of a major expansion in Cleveland that could link the city to Columbus and Cincinnati via train.

Amtrak Planning Expansion of New Routes in Ohio

In the early stages, the plan is being shopped to local and state officials. This includes the possibility of five new routes in Ohio. The plan includes four that runs through Cleveland.

Expanding a rail service across the nation, we have developed a visionary plan, said Amtrak spokesman Marc Magliari. It provides a service to large metropolitan areas that have little or no Amtrak service. Therefore, we are working with our state partners, local officials, and other stakeholders. We need to really understand their interests in new and improved Amtrak. This plan will be released soon.

Embracing any possibility of an expansion of passenger train service in the state, it’s unclear how realistic the plan is according to rail advocates across Ohio. Or how expensive it is or how quickly it might be implemented.

Amtrak’s Ambitious Plan

In its entire history, this is the boldest thing that Amtrak has done, according to Stu Nicholson, executive director of All Aboard Ohio. This is a nonprofit that advocates for expanded rail service in Ohio. A real game-changer, this is an incredibly ambitious plan.

Amtrak’s newest plan is more realistic than prior proposals. It doesn’t rely on huge local or state funding. However, at least not initially. This is other than some initial money for planning, he said. In fact, there is barely any money out of pocket from the state of Ohio on this.

All Aboard Ohio Routes

The plan recommends these new routes. A new service linking Ohio’s largest cities which include Cleveland, Columbus, and Cincinnati, in addition to Dayton, known as the 3C corridor. Also Cleveland to New York City, via Buffalo and Albany. In addition, Cleveland to New York City, via Pittsburgh. As well as Cleveland to Detroit, via Toledo. Then, Cincinnati to Chicago, via Indianapolis.

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