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16 Tornadoes in Most Parts of Ohio, Pennsylvania and Indiana

You are currently viewing 16 Tornadoes in Most Parts of Ohio, Pennsylvania and Indiana
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CLEVELAND, OHIO — The National Weather Service confirmed that a total of 16 tornadoes touched down in parts of Ohio, Indiana, and Pennsylvania during Sunday’s severe weather. These severe weather events caused much destruction and chaos in a part of the country that doesn’t always experience this kind of weather.

Cleveland Weather

The NWS reported the storm damage across the state Monday. The severe weather and tornadoes ripped down trees, toppled power poles, and destroyed and damaged homes.

Ohio experienced four EF-2 storms, the strongest measured during Sunday’s storms. A microburst with 125 miles per hour winds was also measured in Ashtabula.

Cleveland Weather

More than 18,000 Ohio residents were still without power, as of 4 a.m. Tuesday morning. The widespread power outages also affected polling places for Tuesday’s general elections.

Tornadoes Affected Cities All Over the Area

It wasn’t just Ohio, though. Multiple states in the northeast saw tornadoes at a time when they don’t usually see them. For example, parts of Indiana ranging all the way to Indianapolis saw multiple cones stretching up to the sky. While these cones weren’t as serious as the Ohio ones, they were certainly as numerous, if not more.

Western Pennsylvania also endured tornadoes during the Sunday surge.

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