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Police Investigation: Is Famous Cleveland Reporter’s Death a Homicide?

Police Investigation: Is Famous Cleveland Reporter’s Death a Homicide?

cleveland shootingCLEVELAND, Ohio – In Pittsburg Township, OH, Nikki Delamotte, 30-year-old and her uncle Robert J Delamotte, 67, were found dead inside a trailer, about 10 miles southwest of Toledo. Nikki Delamotte was a reporter from Cleveland.com.


The news website was told that the case is under an investigation as a homicide.


Nikki traveled to reconnect with her father’s brother in Wood Count, recently. They met about a month ago and the two were planning to meet up again Sunday at a bar to watch a football game, said Delamotte’s mother.


Joanne Ullman, Delamotte’s mother, stated her daughter’s missing report Monday after not getting responses to her text messages. Someone also texted her mother to inform their concerns about Nikki Delamotte’s missing.


According to Ullman, she went to the trailer and found her daughter’s car with her cell phone and wallet inside. After few minutes, police arrived at the scene and confirmed 2 dead bodies inside the trailer.


Some of Nikki’s co-workers describe her as the “embodiment of kindness” with “a knack for telling stories that highlighted the city’s diversity.”


According to her colleagues, she was well-known, and her stories were widely liked and read. Nikki’s stories were one of the most shared on social media.


No further information is known at this moment as the case is under investigation.


Ohio Sen. Sherrod Brown posted a tweet with his condolences.


Ohio Priest Accused for Sexual Misconduct with a Minor

Ohio Priest Accused for Sexual Misconduct with a Minor

PARMA, Ohio — A priest is on an administrative leave after being accused of sexual misconduct with a minor and a false report of an attack.


The Byzantine Catholic Eparchy of Parma said in a statement that Fr. Basil Hutsko was placed on a leave for a minor sexual misconduct allegedly occurred 35 years ago.


The priest refuses the accusation.


Church leaders considered and found the accusation to be credible and Hutsko was placed on a leave which renders him “unable to function as a priest anywhere,” the statement said.


cleveland priest sexual assaultThe Eparchy of Parma also addressed the priest’s claim about him being attacked and beaten Aug. 20 inside Merrillville, Indiana church.


Later, with a member of Father Basil Hutsko’s family that the incident didn’t take place.


Soon after the attach reports, Bishop Mian Lach found a woman who came forward in 2004 saying the priest abused her as a child between 1979 and 1983. He said the accusation the Merrillville parishioners in late August but the independent review board concluded that the accusations were not validated prior to not valid evidence.


The eparchy has not elaborated on the fact of the accusations that Hutsko was placed on leave.


In addition to St. Michael in Merrillville, Indiana, Hutsko additionally antecedently served at St. Mary in the city, St. Barbara in Dayton, St. Virgin Mary in Marblehead and St. Basil in Sterling Heights, Michigan, consistent with the eparchy’s statement.


“The Eparchy of Parma is committed to protective youth and serving to heal victims of abuse,” the statement says. “We are deeply sorry for the survivors of abuse due to actions of some members of the priesthood.”


If you are someone with more information about the case, you are asked to call at  330-958-9630 for a coordinator.


Cleveland’s Best Artisans Will Showcase Their Unique Items in a Marketplace

Cleveland’s Best Artisans Will Showcase Their Unique Items in a Marketplace

Cleveland artisansCleveland, Ohio – Clevelanders love to show their love and dedication towards their hometown.


The best artisans and art makers have an opportunity to show that through unique items created by them for a marketplace.


Those items will be displayed at Homegrown Cleveland, in an organized marketplace being held November 3, at Red Space from 11 a.m.to 4 p.m. The Red place is located at 2400 Superior Ave.


The market was aimed at celebrating the uniqueness of the community. 5000 companies founded locally to the communities of business owners and makers have transformed their hobbies into a full-time business.


The marketplace invites shoppers to get unique handcrafted items from talented artisans. All it takes is getting a ticket for a public open marketplace.


General admission tickets are $12. For children under 5 are free.


Jewelry, ceramics, tableware, poster art and more will be available for the attendees. During the whole time, you will be shopping, the food truck will be in the marketplace serving samples.


The Sports Lounge and Kid’s Corner are available for the attendees to relax and watch the day’s college football games.


To diversify a market, Homegrown Cleveland is looking for local artisans. The application must be sent by October 12, 11.59 p.m.


The application will be viewed based on the quality, originality, and creativity.


There is a vendor fee of $275.




Caution, Drivers! Reconstruction Work in Cleveland

Caution, Drivers!  Reconstruction Work in Cleveland

Cleveland reconstructionCleveland, Ohio—Cleveland has initiated a new program of street reconstruction and repaving on more than 80 side streets across the city’s neighborhood.


The project will start its work on September 24.

The reconstruction team will be working on Vine Court in the Hingetown area of Ohio City.


The geography of the project will encompass from West 32nd Street to West 29th Street.


A lot of work will be done according to the project plan. It will involve installing a new mainline sewer, removing failed bricks and replacing the pavement.


The project will create some inconveniences for the residents. During the project, residents will not be able to use their driveways and will have to park on nearby side streets.


Initially, the reconstruction work is supposed to last at least 60 days. On October 2 the full length of Corlett Avenue will face resurfacing work.


The street runs from East 116th Street by John Addams College and Career Academy to East 131st Street.


Due to the paving that will be conducted by phases, all abutting businesses will be accessible with one-lane traffic in each direction. Curbs, sidewalks, and ramps with Disabilities will be installed also.


Cleveland Has the Largest Economy of the State

Cleveland Has the Largest Economy of the State

ClevelandCLEVELAND, OHIO – The federal Bureau of Economic Analysis released a data according to which Cleveland has the largest economy of the state’s metro areas and the 28th largest in the nation.


The economy grew more than in other areas last year given a number of reasons. Last year, the city strengthened its mining and natural resources industries thus boosting the employment rate. Additionally, the wholesale trade and supply chain, as well as arts and entertainment reported growth.


Cleveland’s economy grew by 2.9 percent last year and was valued at $140 billion compared to Cincinnati’s growth of 2.4 percent valued at $138 billion and Columbus’ growth up 2.1 percent valued at $136.6 billion.


In spite of this, the economists believe that Columbus will surpass Cleveland due to its population growth. The improvement in GDP is a positive factor, but that doesn’t reduce the economic disadvantages of the city.


Bill LaFayette, owner of the economic consulting firm Regionomics, believes that Columbus has more population growth that will create demand for local services. Columbus was highly rated for significant growth in construction, health care, professional and business services in 2017.


Ben Ayers, senior economist at Nationwide, mentioned that the economy is when people are productive. The less people, the less productive is the economy.



94-Year-Old Cleveland Woman Beaten to Death By The Burglar

94-Year-Old Cleveland Woman Beaten to Death By The Burglar

cleveland woman burglarCleveland, Ohio —-A 94-year-old woman was beaten to death by a burglar during a home invasion.


The house where the incident happened is located at the city’s Broadway-Slavic Village neighborhood, police said.


The identity of the 94-year old woman has not been released yet. The Cuyahoga County Medical Examiner has not identified the victim who died of blunt force trauma to the head.


Police have made no arrests in the case. Another 74-year-old woman was also attacked by the burglar during the home invasion. She was taken to the Metro Health  Hospital with head trauma, according to police.


The burglar broke into the home on Gertrude Avenue through the window located about 1.45 a.m. By the time the burglar broke into the house, two women were sleeping.


The burglar attacked two women and stole items from the home. According to police, the amount of stolen items is unknown.


The burglar is about 25-year-old, as the police believe.


Cleveland was the top destination for homicide crimes. In 2018 94 homicides have been recorded in Cleveland. This was the fourth homicide in a 24-hour spam.


Another Deadly Shootout in Cleveland

CLEVELAND, OHIO – September 4, a 20-year old man was arrested on suspicion of aggravated murder and felonious assault.


The shootout that killed one man and injured two others, took place on East 121st Street and Union Avenue in the city’s Mt. Pleasant neighborhood. The police reports that this death features the sixth in five days. Even though these crimes are not connected with one another, it creates an alarming situation for Cleveland communities.


The victim was Martez Thomas, 23 who was seated with another person in a car on the street when a car crashed. Police says that the suspects walked up to their car, opened their car doors and exchanged gunfire. As a result, Thomas was shot in the head, while the other passenger got injuries on the left eye. The injured was on the ground outside the car, when the police arrived.


The 2 injured were taken to University Hospitals, where Thomas died.


The shooters all escaped the scenery after the shootout. However, the 20-year-old murder suspect was also shot, and further was dropped off at Southpointe hospital, where he was arrested.


The police reports that there have been 85 homicides in Cleveland in 2018, five more than at the same period of time last year.

32 Years of Imprisonment For Robbery From 3 Dollar Stores

32 Years of Imprisonment For Robbery From 3 Dollar Stores

Cleveland robberyCLEVELAND,OHIO—-A Cleveland man was arrested after posting a Facebook photo of himself holding a stack of money and a handgun following a robbery.


He will serve a lengthy prison sentence.


US Attorney Justin E.Herdman says this defendant is a predator who pointed a loaded gun at the head of someone just trying to do their job and later on posted a photo on social media, Facebook.



The accused man named Williams Holmes is 22 years old. He was sentenced to 32 years of imprisonment in the federal jail after he was convicted of three armed robberies of the Cleveland-area Dollar Tree stores.


The locations for these three stores are revealed.


Investigators say Holmes robbed the Dollar Tree stores located at 12900 Miles Road on May 14, 12900 Miles Road on June 4, and 2892 East 116th Street on June 19.


According to court documents during the incident of June 4, William Holmes threatened the employee with the handgun pointed to the employee’s head and took approximately $1.500 from the store.


He posted the Facebook photo after the robbery.


Trevor Velinor, ATF’s Special Agent in Charge said no one should face the threat of violence through their daily lives.


Two Suspects Were Arrested For The Pistol-Whipping of a 75-Year-old Man

Two Suspects Were Arrested For The Pistol-Whipping of a 75-Year-old Man

Cleveland Two suspects arrestedCleveland, Ohio –Two suspects were arrested for the pistol-whipping of a 75-year-old man on Thursday morning in Cleveland.


Cleveland police and the Northern Ohio Violent Fugitive Task Force arrested 19 years old Jonathon Hill and 17-year old male inside an apartment located at 4700 block of Pearl Road in Cleveland.


Police said that the 75-year-old victim was attacked in the parking lot on July 9 around 10 p.m. The parking lot at 17130 Puritas Avenue.


Investigation spotted the suspects. In the surveillance video, the suspects were seen entering the parking lot from W.143rd.


The suspects attempted to enter several locked vehicles before the victim walked into the parking lot.


The victim got pistol-whipped in the face by the suspects when new talked to his car. It left the victim unconscious.


After they got the victim knocked out, the suspects stole his car and run away from the parking lot.


The police managed to find the robbed vehicle. Hill and Juvenile are now charged with aggravated robbery, kidnapping, felonious assault, as well as grand theft and concealed weapons.


Police officers are worried about criminals walking in the streets and the threat coming from them being in freedom.


Marshal Pete Elliott said their task force will continue to work hard to get criminals off the streets.


He added that the violence like this will not be tolerated in the community.


Cleveland Gas Station Owner Got Attacked By a Man With Metal Pipe

Cleveland Gas Station Owner Got Attacked By a Man With Metal Pipe

ohio newsCLEVELAND, OHIO—Police says, a man attacked Cleveland gas station owner with the metal pipe. The owner refused to sell him an alcohol.


The incident happened on Saturday at about 4 a.m.at the Marathon Gas station on Fulton Road and Clark Avenue.


The accused man named Carlos Pagan is 47. He is being charged with felony assault.


Carlos Pagan is being held in the Cuyahoga County Jail on $50.000 bond.


The owner of the gas station clears up the circumstances of the incident. He told the police that Pagan walked into the gas station and tried to get an alcohol. He refused to sell an alcohol to him, because of the law that forbids selling alcohol after the legal cutoff time of 1 a.m.


After Pagan got rejected by the owner, he furiously rushed into his car to grab a metal pipe, said police.


According to the police report, Pagan hit the front door to the store and cracked the glass.


The owner of the gas station went outside. He confronted Pagan and Pagan struck him in the left arm with the metal pipe. The latter got knocked to the ground.


Police said Pagan hit him repeatedly with the pipe while the owner was on the ground.


Pagan jumped into a car and run away. Fortunately, the officer spotted Pagan’s car driving by the store.


The officer was able to stop Pagan’s car a few streets down.


The police report says a metal pipe was found inside the car.


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