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Motorcycle Club Shooting Kills 1, Injures 17

A celebration on Saturday night ended abruptly when violence broke out. Attendees of an anniversary party for the Omens Motorcycle Club opened fire on one another. Police entered the scene Saturday night around 11:30 pm. Fielding a call regarding gunfire, they approached what they deemed a chaotic and even dangerous scene. First, they worked to control the disorderly gathering. They secured the location by imposing their authority. Then, they began their investigation. They uncovered the origin of the gunfire as a verbal altercation between guests. In a party consisting of multiple motorcycle clubs, both locally and nationally, some tiff escalated between attendees. While the nature of the argument remains unknown, the violence it prompted resulted in fatal consequences. After removing the offending guests, festivities resumed. Then, the individuals kicked out of the party returned to open fire. In response, several individuals returned fire, participating in a gunfight. When the violence finally ceased, authorities discovered 17 ... Read More

Crime Alert App Unveiled In Cleveland

An app designed to provide users with real-time updates on potential criminal activity debuted in Cleveland. Known as Citizen, the app sends a crime alert when monitors discover illicit activity in progress. The free app operates out of an office in New York. There, individuals who once worked as journalists and first responders tune into police scanners. When they hear pertinent information, they push a crime alert to the Citizen app, alerting residents of the activity. Designed with public safety in mind, the app's former life drew criticism. Originally released as Vigilante, Apple banned the app from its store. Fears over inciting participation in crimefighting resulted in its suspension. After the failed 2016 launch, the company retooled the program and Vigilante became Citizen. Now, they focus on helping residents avoid problems in their neighborhood, rather than potentially inspire them to run towards it. The app's new branding proved successful. For example, they serve over 1 million users in ... Read More

HR Chief Resigns Amid Illegal Bonus Scandal

The human resources chief for Cuyahoga County, Douglas Dykes, resigned Monday in the latest news of a scandal surrounding his misdealings. The now former HR chief faces felony charges stemming back a year for theft. A year ago, prosecutors indicted Dykes for theft-in-office, a felony charge. Additionally, he faced other charges surrounding financial misappropriation of public funds. In one case, he provided an illegal bonus for a county official back in 2017. His misconduct came to light following a 2018 investigation into the county's IT department. Despite his indictment, Dykes remained HR chief until his resignation Monday. That position pays $180,000 as an annual salary, which is also the length of time elapsed between his indictment and resignation. Mary Louise Madigan, county spokesperson, refused to report whether or not Dykes provided a reason for his departure. However, an explanation may involve a recent payment made to the county. A $10,362 cashier's check written to the county bore the name James H ... Read More

Patient Dies Following Ambulance Crash

After retrieving a gunshot victim, an ambulance crashed as a result of being struck by another motorist. Following the ambulance crash, hospital staff pronounced the victim dead, reports Cleveland 19 News. The ordeal began Friday evening when a call summoned law enforcement. Gunshots rang out in a parking lot. One man, seated in his car, was fired upon by another man in a separate car. Neither the shooter nor their car have yet been identified. Police officers arrived at 15200 block of Lakeshore Blvd at about 11:54 pm where they discovered a victim with multiple gunshot wounds. They applied first aid while emergency medical service providers made their way to the scene. Officer Sgt. Jennifer Ciaccia of the Cleveland Division of Police Public Information explained the severity of the victim's condition warranted additional attention. A firefighter drove the ambulance while a second firefighter and two medics tended to the victim in the rear of the vehicle. The ambulance took off t ... Read More

Man Arrested After Charging at Cleveland Police

CLEVELAND, OH – Cleveland police officers arrested a man after he charged at them with a gun. The incident took place Thursday morning on the city’s West Side. According to witnesses, the man was seen stealing items out of different cars. When he was confronted by Cleveland police officials, he pulled out a gun. In addition to this, the man also threatened a resident in the process, as reported by authorities. Furthermore, officers near Storer Avenue on their way towards West 50th Street spotted a male matching the description of the suspect. Consequently, officers pulled over and approached him. At that time, the man drew his gun and charged at the officers. According to authorities, one officer fired his gun three times. However, none of the bullets hit the suspect as he ran off. Nevertheless, about an hour later, police spotted the man in a backyard. He was then apprehended and taken into custody. What is more, police say the suspect was still carrying the gun as he was being arrested. Apart from this, the identity of the man has not been released ... Read More

Suspect Charged with Killing 6-Year-Old Cleveland Girl

CLEVELAND, OH – The suspect involved in the fatal shooting of a 6-year-old Cleveland girl has been identified. The 21-year-old man was arrested today in connection to the shooting that occurred in Cleveland’s South-Colinwood neighborhood last month. The U.S. Marshals and Cleveland homicide detectives were enlisted to help capture the suspect. Furthermore, the accused Raysean Howard, has been charged with aggravated murder, as stated by Cleveland Municipal Court records. Moreover, the shooting occurred on October 5, within the 1300 block of East 171st Street. According to an arrest warrant issued Wednesday morning, 6-year-old Lyric Melodi Lawson was sleeping inside her home when it was shot up with bullets. Allegedly, Howard drove by and opened fire with a rifle, and Lawson’s home was hit in the process. As a result, Lyric was struck in the head by one of the bullets that pierced through the house. The young girl was rushed to a nearby hospital. However, Lawson was later pronounced dead. The 6-year-old Cleveland girl and her mothe ... Read More

Man Charged In Shooting Shot In The Face While Riding Bike

CLEVELAND, OH – A Cleveland man who took part in a deathly shooting was shot in the face while riding his bike only hours after being charged. Kenneth Macon, 28, faced murder charges this week in a shooting that took place on September 21st, around 10:30 pm. The event had taken place in Cleveland’s Central neighborhood, at the Arbor Park Village public housing complex. The fire took the life of a 21-year-old man. The victim was Javonte Harris, who was hanging in the street with a large group of friends. He was shot at point-blank range in his back and head after two men approached him from behind. Then, according to police, the two men ran toward a van and they drove away at high speed. This Wednesday, Macon faced charges in court as he was accused of Harris’ intentional dead. Last Friday, someone shot up the home where Macon lived with his mother. Nobody has been arrested yet in relation to this incident. But Macon’s mother declared that apparently h ... Read More

One Dead In Gas Station Shooting

EAST CLEVELAND, OHIO – The East Cleveland Police Department are looking into a shooting at a gas station. It happened in the afternoon over the weekend. Apparently, on Saturday at 2:42 p.m. gunfire broke out on the corner of Shaw Avenue and Hayden Avenue. Operators quickly dispatched officers from the East Cleveland Police Department. At the scene officers noticed the body of a male who’d been shot. They actually found the body a block away from where they’d gotten reports of the gunfire. Emergency officials transported the victim to University Hospitals. Later, doctors declared him deceased. Later, after officials moved the first victim, police found a second injured man. He was in a car at Milan extension. Officials promptly transported the unresponsive man to University Hospitals. The hospital lists the man in critical condition. Police have linked the victims to the same crime. Police urge people with any info to call the Cleveland Police at (216) 451-1234. They can also ... Read More

Bank Robber Gives Teller Note with Name On It

CLEVELAND, OHIO – A man accused by Cleveland Police of robbing a local bank was identified and apprehended by officers. As luck would have it for the Cleveland Police Department, the note the bank robber suspect offered the teller demanding money also had his name and address written on it. According to the Cleveland Police Department, Michael Harrell, 54, presented a note which outlined demands for the teller to give him money at the U.S. Bank located at 7993 Euclid Avenue. The incident went down at around 11:15 in the morning. Detectives go on to say the teller, as is protocol, complied with the suspect’s demands. She turned over what amounted to an undetermined pile of cash, hoping the suspect would quickly flee. In this case, the suspect did exit the bank without incident. The FBI official appointed to this particular case did validate that the note provided by the suspect had his name and address on the rear of it. Certainly, it was a good piece of fortune for the prospects of catching the robber. And it did, ... Read More

Arrests Made After Shots Fired at Cops

CLEVELAND, OHIO – A Cleveland Police Officer shot a man in the arm and five additional people were arrested during an incident on Thursday. The police were attempting to execute a search warrant when the suspects fired several rounds at them. According to the Cleveland Police Department, all of this went down around 7:30 in the morning on Thursday. The Cleveland Division of Police and Swat attempted to execute a search warrant intended for a male who had a violent felony warrant issued. Officers attempted to enter the address at 4340 W. 132nd Street when the melee broke out. During their attempt to execute the warrant, the officers were confronted with a barrage of gunfire from an unknown male assailant. Cleveland Police officers responded with their own gunfire and somewhere in the exchange wounded the male suspect in the arm. The police supplied the suspect with the necessary medical treatment until EMS personnel arrived on the scene. From there, the suspect was transported to the hospital. Currently, he’s admitted into the hospital and being cared for wi ... Read More