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Suspect Charged with Killing 6-Year-Old Cleveland Girl

CLEVELAND, OH – The suspect involved in the fatal shooting of a 6-year-old Cleveland girl has been identified. The 21-year-old man was arrested today in connection to the shooting that occurred in Cleveland’s South-Colinwood neighborhood last month. The U.S. Marshals and Cleveland homicide detectives were enlisted to help capture the suspect. Furthermore, the accused Raysean Howard, has been charged with aggravated murder, as stated by Cleveland Municipal Court records. Moreover, the shooting occurred on October 5, within the 1300 block of East 171st Street. According to an arrest warrant issued Wednesday morning, 6-year-old Lyric Melodi Lawson was sleeping inside her home when it was shot up with bullets. Allegedly, Howard drove by and opened fire with a rifle, and Lawson’s home was hit in the process. As a result, Lyric was struck in the head by one of the bullets that pierced through the house. The young girl was rushed to a nearby hospital. However, Lawson was later pronounced dead. The 6-year-old Cleveland girl and her mothe ... Read More

Man Charged In Shooting Shot In The Face While Riding Bike

CLEVELAND, OH – A Cleveland man who took part in a deathly shooting was shot in the face while riding his bike only hours after being charged. Kenneth Macon, 28, faced murder charges this week in a shooting that took place on September 21st, around 10:30 pm. The event had taken place in Cleveland’s Central neighborhood, at the Arbor Park Village public housing complex. The fire took the life of a 21-year-old man. The victim was Javonte Harris, who was hanging in the street with a large group of friends. He was shot at point-blank range in his back and head after two men approached him from behind. Then, according to police, the two men ran toward a van and they drove away at high speed. This Wednesday, Macon faced charges in court as he was accused of Harris’ intentional dead. Last Friday, someone shot up the home where Macon lived with his mother. Nobody has been arrested yet in relation to this incident. But Macon’s mother declared that apparently h ... Read More

One Dead In Gas Station Shooting

EAST CLEVELAND, OHIO – The East Cleveland Police Department are looking into a shooting at a gas station. It happened in the afternoon over the weekend. Apparently, on Saturday at 2:42 p.m. gunfire broke out on the corner of Shaw Avenue and Hayden Avenue. Operators quickly dispatched officers from the East Cleveland Police Department. At the scene officers noticed the body of a male who’d been shot. They actually found the body a block away from where they’d gotten reports of the gunfire. Emergency officials transported the victim to University Hospitals. Later, doctors declared him deceased. Later, after officials moved the first victim, police found a second injured man. He was in a car at Milan extension. Officials promptly transported the unresponsive man to University Hospitals. The hospital lists the man in critical condition. Police have linked the victims to the same crime. Police urge people with any info to call the Cleveland Police at (216) 451-1234. They can also ... Read More

Bank Robber Gives Teller Note with Name On It

CLEVELAND, OHIO – A man accused by Cleveland Police of robbing a local bank was identified and apprehended by officers. As luck would have it for the Cleveland Police Department, the note the bank robber suspect offered the teller demanding money also had his name and address written on it. According to the Cleveland Police Department, Michael Harrell, 54, presented a note which outlined demands for the teller to give him money at the U.S. Bank located at 7993 Euclid Avenue. The incident went down at around 11:15 in the morning. Detectives go on to say the teller, as is protocol, complied with the suspect’s demands. She turned over what amounted to an undetermined pile of cash, hoping the suspect would quickly flee. In this case, the suspect did exit the bank without incident. The FBI official appointed to this particular case did validate that the note provided by the suspect had his name and address on the rear of it. Certainly, it was a good piece of fortune for the prospects of catching the robber. And it did, ... Read More

Arrests Made After Shots Fired at Cops

CLEVELAND, OHIO – A Cleveland Police Officer shot a man in the arm and five additional people were arrested during an incident on Thursday. The police were attempting to execute a search warrant when the suspects fired several rounds at them. According to the Cleveland Police Department, all of this went down around 7:30 in the morning on Thursday. The Cleveland Division of Police and Swat attempted to execute a search warrant intended for a male who had a violent felony warrant issued. Officers attempted to enter the address at 4340 W. 132nd Street when the melee broke out. During their attempt to execute the warrant, the officers were confronted with a barrage of gunfire from an unknown male assailant. Cleveland Police officers responded with their own gunfire and somewhere in the exchange wounded the male suspect in the arm. The police supplied the suspect with the necessary medical treatment until EMS personnel arrived on the scene. From there, the suspect was transported to the hospital. Currently, he’s admitted into the hospital and being cared for wi ... Read More

Odell Beckham purchases custom Rolls Royce

CLEVELAND, Ohio - Cleveland Browns player Odell Beckham Jr. bought a Rolls Royce. Additionally, he had it customized. Specifically, 26-year-old wide receiver Beckham ordered a Browns-themed vehicle. Beckham also goes by the nickname OBJ. Dreamworks Motor Sports (DMS) delivered the vehicle recently. Furthermore, the auto company made a post on their Instagram page. The post described the vehicle in more detail. Additionally, DMS added that the Rolls Royce features 26" wheels, floating Rolls Royce center caps, and a customized OBJ catch emblem. Moreover, the car has a custom Dog Pound orange wrap. Also, Beckham posted his own Instagram video. The video shows his emblem popping out of the car's hood. OBJ captioned the video: " 'Picture me on da frontta da roof like this!!!' Preciate u family !!!!' " Additionally, OBJ recently appeared at the Met Gal ... Read More

Two Dead in Early Morning Shooting

CLEVELAND, OH – Two men were fatally shot and two other people were injured by gunfire in an early morning shooting. Apparently, the violence erupted in a parking lot outside a social club in Cleveland’s Clark-Fulton area. The gunfire started at roughly 1 a.m. at Club Alma Yaucana. It's located on West 25th Street and Barber Avenue. As it turns out, the club is exclusively for Puerto Rican residents, according to its Facebook page. Currently, police have made no arrests. Though police allege that there was a fight in the parking lot that spurred the gun violence. Unfortunately, Giovanni Santana-Rojas, 36, died from the shooting, per officials at the Cuyahoga County Medical Examiner’s office. Additionally, Rojas’s wife also confirmed the news. Police discovered his body in the parking lot. Furthermore, a 32-year-old man died at the MetroHealth Medical Center. Medical personnel rushed him from the scene, according to police. However, police haven't identified the man yet. Additionally, an ambulance transported a 26-year-old male ... Read More

Cleveland Woman Kidnapped from Gas Station

CLEVELAND, OHIO – A 27-year-old man informed police that his girlfriend, 24 years old, was kidnapped from a gas station Sunday morning on the city’s West Side. According to a post on the Cleveland Police First District Facebook page, Christine McKeever was last spotted at the Speedy Gas Station at West 136th Street and Lorain Avenue at about 1:30 a.m. The station is located in the city’s Jefferson neighborhood. The boyfriend indicated that while they live in the Buckeye-Woodhill neighborhood, Christine was on the West Side for a visit with her children. Apparently, she then called her boyfriend upset that she’d gotten the visitation dates confused and wasn’t allowed to see her children. Police then say the man reportedly drove to the West Side and picked up McKeever. From there, the couple visited Bar CLE on Lorain Avenue. Here the boyfriend says they played pool and enjoyed a couple of drinks. Visit to Gas Station Afterwards the couple was outside the bar, discussing an argument, when, according to the boyfriend, McKeever wal ... Read More

Child Starts Fire in Cleveland Home!

CLEVELAND, OH – A dangerous fire tore through a Cleveland home this morning, in the Old Brooklyn neighborhood. And, fire investigators believe that a child was the cause of the Cleveland fire. A child was playing with a lighter, which ignited a fire and caused the house to go up in flames. The fire started around 9:30 in the morning, when four people were in the home. According to the fire investigators, this occurred on Hood Avenue near Broadview Road. The home was a duplex with a bottom and upper unit. Luckily, a man escaped from the upper unit, and a family consisting of a woman, her fiancé, and her four-year-old son escaped from the bottom unit. Fire investigators believe that the four-year-old boy playing with a lighter started the accidental fire. Neighbors of the family hurried to the scene when they saw flames from their residence. However, the residents inside escaped only moments later. Emergency medical personnel evaluated those who were in the building. It is unclear if anyone suffered any major injuries. Unfortunately, the home endured a lot of damage due to the fire. As a result, emergency crews called the Am ... Read More

Cleveland Officer Charged with 11 Counts of Solicitation and Prostitution!

CLEVELAND, OH – Monday morning, February 4, 2019, a Cleveland Police Officer was charged for solicitation of a prostitute 11 times. Sadly, the court charged the officer with 11 counts of prostitution. The officer, Sgt. Michael Rybarczyk is 58 years old. Not only is this man an officer, but he is also a veteran. Cleveland Municipal Court issued a summons to Rybarczyk on first-degree misdemeanor charges. Unfortunately, the court did not announce a date for the trial. The court's charges lie anywhere between probation and six months in jail. The court charges a $250 fine that could easily increase to $1,000 by the judge. Sergeant Michael Rybarczyk is a 29-year veteran officer. He is the supervisor of the First District. As of Friday, February 1, 2019, during the Internal Affairs investigation, the court put Rybarczyk on restricted duty. Rybarczyk is on restricted duty until the case is over. The sergeant has no former citations. Rybarczyk’s only offense in the past two years were warnings. These warnings were for failure to notify supervisors that he was the sergeant in monitorizat ... Read More