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Flatbed Hauling Tips

Flatbed shipments require special attention. From construction material to airplane parts, the list of cargo hauled by flatbeds are endless. However, there are specific details you need to consider when hauling this kind of freight. Therefore, we’ve compiled a few flatbed hauling tips we think you should know. Tip #1. Know what you’re hauling Firstly, the most important step in hauling flatbed freight is understanding the details of your shipment. This can be achieved by asking yourself a few simple questions, including: What products are you hauling? This is essential information because freight must be secured on a flatbed. Additionally, it is helpful if the carrier knows what is being shipped in order to ensure they have the necessary tools required for safe transport. For instance, some cargo will require chains, while others may require straps. Wha ... Read More

Name Your Truck

Naming your truck might sound strange at first if you have never named your car. But, after all, as a truck driver, you spend more time in the company of your truck than any other thing. And, if you name your pets, why not your truck? After all, we have always firmly believed that a man’s best friend is truly their vehicle! It is true that you get very happy when you see your dog or your cat. But, doesn’t it also feel amazing the view of your truck when it has just been thoroughly washed? Or when you have been out and about all day and you just dream of coming back to your vehicle and relaxing inside its comfy and familiar cabin? Naming something or someone creates a bond and a sense of belonging. What’s more, it gives a personality and a demonstration of affection. So, let’s admit it! Your truck will always be there for you and as such an essential part of your life, it deserves to be properly named. But, how do you name a truck? How to Find the Right Name for your Truck First of all, you should remember that the name you give your truck should reflect the personality of the vehicle. Just like when you named your dog “fluffy” because of its fur, you need to find a name tha ... Read More

Freight Industry Expected to Grow in Next Ten Years

For all the grim articles about the state of trucking it’s nice to get some promising news. And here it is. The American Trucking Associations (ATA) is forecasting a 25.6 percentage bump in freight tonnage by the close of the next decade. The ATA made this public in their ATA Freight Transportation Forecast: 2019 to 2030. In fact, the overall tonnage will increase up to 20.6 billion tons in 2030. That’s a rise from 2019’s predicted amount of 16.4 billion tons. Additionally, industry profits will jump 53.8 percent to around $1.601 trillion over the next decade. Trucking’s portion of the whole freight tonnage will decrease to 68.8 percent in 2030 from 71.1 percent this current year. This fact is more noticeable when you consider that tonnage will grow to 14.2 billion in 2030 from its present 11.7 billion tons. Over this time intermodal rail, air and domestic waterborne transportation will demonstrate incremental growth. Also pipeline transportation will increase dramatically (17.1 percent) in tonnage and 8.6 percent in revenue over the course of this next decade. ... Read More

FMCSA Suggests Changes to Entry Level Driver Training Rule

Trucking regulators at the federal level have suggested a two-year delay for total compliance of specific provisions in the Entry Level Driver Training rule. Doing so would enable more time for the growth of the secure electronic transfer of information to the certified training provider registry as well as the state driver licensing agencies. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration said in the Federal Register on July 18, “The proposed two-year extension would delay the date by which training providers must being uploading driver-specific certification information into the Training Provider Registry, an electronic database that will contain entry level driver training information.” According to the agency, this proposal would also push back the date that state driver licensing agencies must confirm that applicants for a commercial driver’s license have met the appropriate ELD requirements before taking a specified knowledge or skills test. The new rule would ultimately allow FMCSA officials time to finish the creation of the electronic interface that will receive and store ELDT certification informa ... Read More

Trucking Wants More Say in Autonomous Policy

A recent Capitol Hill hearing on trucking safety somehow produced one big, resounding note – to give a seat at the table to trucking on discussions that are centered around automated vehicle regulations. Officials held a hearing, titled “Under Pressure: The State of Trucking in America” before the Highway and Transit subcommittee of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, and spotlighted a panel of eight witnesses. The hearing ran over three hours, with much of the discussion focused on safety. U.S. Representative Sharice Davids of Kansas, who worked on autonomous car policy while at the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) is worried that most of the AV policymaking so far in Washington, D.C. has gravitated toward passenger cars and not enough around the concept of freight. “What does intentional autonomous vehicle policy look like, so that we’re taken care of,” she asked the panel. American Trucking Association President and CEO Chris Spear echoed Representative David’s comments. Spear said that for the longest time officials excluded the trucking industry from this discussion. H ... Read More

Cuyahoga County to Consider Plastic Bag Ban

CLEVELAND, Ohio – Would you support a ban on plastic bags in Cuyahoga County? Legislators are considering a ban on disposable plastic bags and non-recyclable paper bags by all retail businesses in the county. The ban would stop stores from offering plastic bags to customers. The proposed ban includes supermarkets, department stores, restaurants, and convenience stores. Likewise, it would only allow retailers to use reusable or paper bags. Even though the ban is a step in the right direction, some have expressed concern that paper bags also create environmental problems. However, legislators say that stores should only use paper bags to transition towards reusable ones. Ultimately, the goal is for all stores to be plastic and paper bag free. Moreover, if passed, the proposed ban would subject first-time violators to a written warning. Subsequent violations would carry fines up to $500 dollars. Residents and consumer affairs employees are expected to report complaints. The ban is set to go into effect on October 1st. This would allow retailers to use their current supply of plastic bags. Additionally, this would allow for community leaders to educate residents on the need for the law. ... Read More

This is Why Ohio Truckers Support Gas Tax…

Lately, many individuals have been criticizing Governor DeWine for implementing a higher gas tax. But, why aren’t truckers? In fact, the Ohio Trucking Association approves of the gas tax and even supported the governor before he implemented it. Why would truckers support such a tax that affects the costs of their businesses? Because the gas tax increase goes to a good cause that will eventually help truckers. Before DeWine came into office, Ohio’s infrastructure funding was dangerously low. The Governor took on the challenge of mending the infrastructure crisis. He created a committee to deal with this infrastructure. Then, the committee came up with the gas tax. The Ohio Trucking Association, one of the first to support the increased fuel tax, supported the committee. This association represents over 1,000 companies in the trucking and logistics industry. As a result of their support, the increased gas tax was the preferred solution. Interestingly, this method is the most efficient, it is constitutionally required to go to roads ... Read More

Why Have February Car Sales Hit a Cold Front

It’s been an unusually brutal winter and forecasters debate whether this explains the few percentage point drop in February auto sales. Some experts point to the size of tax returns. Others blame longer lasting variables, specifically increasing sticker prices and ballooning interesting rates. So what’s the right answer? No doubt all of these factors played a role in the drop of February car sales, but there’s no clear consensus on the main culprit. Edmunds and TrueCar Inc. agree on a U.S. auto sales prediction of 1.3 mill ... Read More

Trucks and SUVs at the Top of Sales in Ohio

Bigger vehicles are better vehicles… or at least that might be the motto for automobile buyers in Northern Ohio. The auto sales of SUVs and trucks are at the top of the sales for automobiles, according to the Greater Cleveland Automobile Dealers’ Association. The president, Lou Vitantonio, stated: “Sales of SUVs and trucks continue to carry the sales load. This is the result of current consumer preference and low operating cost, including fuel pricing.” Basically, gas prices have lowered, and fuel efficiency is getting better with new cars. As a result, customers are favoring the bigger vehicles like SUVs and pickup trucks. This is true for many companies, including Classic Chevrolet in Mentor. Apparently, the biggest seller last year was the Chevy Equinox. The General Manager, Mark Carroll, talked about the increased sales. He stated: “With a redesign and Chevy incentives, people left the small sedans and went up to the SUVs and the Equinox, in particular.” Sales went up at both the nation ... Read More

Fake News?!

SAN ANTONIO- TX. The city was recently hit with a shock! Coincidentally, after someone posted a new and quite controversial Holocaust exhibit, people didn't respond positively. The sign stated two things: MAGA (Make America Great Again) and #FakeNews. Even Donald Trump, himself, said it was fake news. Many of the community stated that the sign was a denial of the historic genocide. A groundskeeper originally discovered the sign. The general public's response has not been a positive one. A lot of people believe that this is a clear sign of prejudice but others refuse to acknowledge that this hatred is still very evident in the world. Their holocaust museum was all but a shock. The museum director made a public statement. She doesn't think everyone sees the sign as a clear connection to the modern prejudicial tendencies. The politics of the situation became tattered and broken by standards the declining equal state of our country. Unfortunately, someone posted the sign reading "Fake News" and MAGA right by the entrance of the exhibit. Although responding puts Donald Trump in a bad light, he still attempted to negate the shocking sign. After that, police discovered the sign early Tuesday mornin ... Read More