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It Already Feels Like Halloween: Things to do on Oct. 11-14 While in Cleveland

It Already Feels Like Halloween: Things to do on Oct. 11-14 While in Cleveland

Weather becomes colder, it feels a lot like fall in Cleveland. However, there is no shortage of things one can do around the city over the weekends. This weekend is not an exception as well.


Here is a small guide to lead you to the events that can be unforgettable for you.


OCTOBER 12:  Stranger Things Spooktacular 2: The Return

Head to the Beachland Ballrooms as you can be a witness of Ohio Burlesque’s “Stranger Things Spooktacular” show for a second time. If you never been, then you’ll be amazed for the first time. You can be surprised by the routines of nerdy and spooky, including retro thrills and chills. “American Horror Story” or “Stranger Things.”

Address: 15711 Waterloo Road

Time: 7:30 to 10:30 PM


Haunted Houses

haunted house clevelandIt’s almost Halloween, isn’t it? It is time to have some fun with Halloween entertaining. You can visit haunted houses all over the town. This is a spooky season; all the brave citizens can be found around tens of haunted houses. Some of them are kid-friendly but some of them are filled with monsters and ghosts. Northeast Ohio is full of this kind of entertainments if you want to learn more, visit here.


OCTOBER 12: Moonshine Gala

Do you love retro style? Old places, kitchen, and people? You can easily go back in time when visiting Gordon’s Square’s Spice Kitchen’s Moonshine Gala which will feature Prohibition era-like cocktails served with the three-course meal. The Luckey Ones will lead the music and will give the lively spirit of the Roaring ‘20s parties. Tetro clothing is encouraged.

Address: 5800 Detroit Ave.

Time: 6:00 to 10:00 PM


OCTOBER 12-14: GhoulardiFest

This Halloween bash is filled with appearances, costume contests and, of course, the annual pizza eating fest. Get to meet with Victoria Price, actress and Vincent Price’s daughter.


Address: 19201 East Bagley Rd., Middleburg Heights


OCTOBER 12-14: Superhero Weekend Mapleside Farms

While being a usual farm. Mapleside Farms will turn into a little bit Gotham, a little Metropolis and a little bit fairy tale kingdom. The reason for that is those little superheroes are to come here. Kids are invited to dress up in their superhero dear for a costume contest. If you are searching for family and kid-friendly entertainment, this one is for you.

Address: 294 Pearl Rd., Brunswick


And many other festivals that can take place in Cleveland and close cities. Just take your time and go around the city, you will be amazed what Cleveland is turning into!

From Music Festivals To Haunted Houses: Autumn Season in Cleveland

From Music Festivals To  Haunted Houses: Autumn Season in Cleveland

Although summer is over, there is still plenty of fun to have this weekend in Cleveland.


Ready for foodie events, or maybe live music? That and lot more is waiting for you this weekend in Northeast Ohio.


Have you ever hear of Ingenuity Fest?  Karamu House with the stage lights up hosts entrepreneurs, artists, Innovators of all types to aspire audiences and to empower communities.


Sip drinks at the Whiskey and White Lightning Music Fest while watching a new comedy and trivia show, Pop-Cleveland, at Forest City Brewery.



Let’s dive into Pop-Cleveland. The city’s newest sketch comedy and trivia show is back at Duck Island’s Forest City Brewery.


You will be participating in an interactive quiz. Grab a beer and compete against your fellow audience members in the show.

Write down the address of the Forest City Brewery and get ready for the show on September 27, 7.30-10 p.m.


Autumn season can be flavored with the warmer atmosphere at Gold horn Brewery. Being served with good beer is good. But this brewery makes it even better for you. The chief and Gold horn’s assistant brewer will offer delicious desserts with crafted beer.


Come to enjoy the combination of both on September 27, at the location 1361 East 55th St., Cleveland.


As we mentioned earlier, Karamu house will bring August Wilson’s “Fences’’ to the main stage. A story of a black basketball player who got excluded from the league in the 1950s, won Pulitzer and Tony Awards.


As Halloween is about to come, Ohio will transform into a fear-filled fun place. For adventurous visitors, the haunted houses are opening their doors.


Just in case you are planning to come with the family, make sure you go to the family and kid-friendly ones.



Why Cleveland is the Home of Rock and Roll

Why Cleveland is the Home of Rock and Roll

Rock and RollCleveland has long been known as the birthplace of Rock and Roll. While many historic events took place in this location, people speculate that these happenings haven’t happened by chance.


The history of rock started back in the early 1950s when a radio disc jockey named Alan Freed started his radio show on WJW in Cleveland. It was gaining popularity because of the kind of music he was playing for his white listeners.


White folks were listening to the likes of Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin, African Americans were listening to rhythm and blues, which was referred to as “race music.”


When Freed and the owner of the Record Rendezvous record store, Leo Mintz, became good friends, Ultimately, this friendship resulted in an extensive cooperation of merging the efforts and benefiting from each other.


Mintz convinced Freed to start playing this music on his radio show. They had to change the genre to “rock ‘n’ roll”. The term was borrowed from old blues tunes and means “to fornicate.”


The teenage generation, unlike middle aged-people, positively reacted to the new genre. It evoked the spirit of rebellion and gradually revolutionized the music history.


Further, Cleveland became the place where most of the musical prominent events took place. Elvis Presley played his very first concert in Cleveland at Brooklyn High School. In 1966, The Beatles played a concert inside Cleveland’s iconic Public Hall.


Additionally, in 1970ies Cleveland started broadcasting WMMS-FM local radio station. Most of the DJs played mainly what they wanted.  Thanks to WMMS, many artists and bands, like Rush, Bruce Springsteen, David Bowie and Fleetwood Mac gained popularity.


Finally, Cleveland hosts The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. The hall features the evolution of this musical and cultural phenomenon through more than 50 exhibits.


Labor Day Fun Weekend in Cleveland : What To Do ?

Labor Day Fun Weekend in Cleveland : What To Do ?

Cleveland weekendThis Labor Day weekend, there is no shortage of festivals, film, live music and more to explore In Northeast Ohio.


Love dancing? Make a trip to a classic Georgia County Fair to show off your best moves at dance parties.


A unique opportunity to listen to Cleveland Orchestra performing the ‘’Star Wars’’ soundtrack. There are activities for yoga lovers outside the Rock Hall at the annual gathering.


Georgia county Fair is a string of fun activities featuring farm life, food, games and 2000 animals.

And yet this is not the end. This year Made in Ohio Festival is going to turn into a three-day event.


Artists across the state will come together for entertainment, weekend shopping, and drinks. If you get an entry ticket for the event, you will be exposed to Hall Farm homes and craft demonstrations.


Cleveland is an artistic place. Gordon Square Art Space is going to become a home to colorful works, the launch of its ninth issue, featuring artists like Clare Kolat, Kia Taylor, Tim Switalski, Angela Oster and more.


You missed this year’s Sundance Film Festival? No problem . You can enjoy the festival’s short film tour at Uptown art House Theater. This 95 minutes program introduces the highlights of the festival.


Another fun festival is the 104th tear annual St. Rocco Festival. It takes place at St. Rocco Catholic Church. Fill up your weekend with live music, games and many more.


Want to dance the night away at the punk rock club? Go ahead! Classic and rare soul tracks will be spinning at the dance night.


You wonder what else is available for the weekend in Cleveland? Don’t miss out the Cleveland National Air Show.


Enjoy your weekend and have fun!


New Cleveland Sign Was Installed Along the Cuyahoga River:New Spot for Tourists

New Cleveland Sign Was Installed Along the Cuyahoga River:New Spot for Tourists

Cleveland New Script Sign installedAnother Cleveland script sign has popped up. Visiting Cleveland? Good news for you! You have one more option of a sixth photo.


The newest sign is along the Cuyahoga River at the Foundry on Columbus Road. According to Destination Cleveland’s website, the Cleveland script signs were installed ‘’in picturesque locations’’.


It will give locals and visitors beautiful signature photos to share with friends and family on social media.


“With the continued popularity of the Cleveland script signs, Destination Cleveland and The Foundry collaborated to install a sixth sign this weekend,” Destination Cleveland said in a news release.


“Located along the Cuyahoga River at The Foundry, the sign provides both a tangible Cleveland brand experience to visitors and residents alike and another opportunity for iconic images of Cleveland to be shared throughout the world.”


The Foundry cooperated with Destination Cleveland to bring the sign to another spot in the city. The Cleveland skyline serves as the backdrop.


Each new sign costs about $40.000, according to Destination Cleveland. The tourism group said the Foundry is paying half of the cost.


Tourists are fond of taking pictures of script signs. The script signs have become popular spots for photos among visitors and locals.


Want to have a quick picture with the skyline in the background?


These locations are good for photo shooting. You can check them out and share the pictures with friends and family.


Here they are: Edgewater Park, North Coast Harbor, Tremont and Euclid Beach Park are beloved places to visit and creating some memories with the pictures.


There is also one at the Cleveland Hopkins International Airport. Rowers and sailors can also join in the fun, too.


It’s time for you to visit Cleveland and join in the fun. Take pictures with 5 iconic Cleveland script signs and don’t forget to share with friends on social media.


Akron’s Residents Participate in Recreation Programming Through Survey

Akron’s Residents Participate in Recreation Programming Through Survey

Akron's recreational programming

The Akron ’s parks need the help from its residents. That’s why the city is asking residents to give input through an online survey on Akron’s parks to make improvements.


The city asks residents to share their knowledge about recreational amenities, as well as their interests and needs. That will help to develop a strategic plan to improve the community, as well as recreational programming.


The survey takes only 5-7 minutes to fill in. And most importantly, it’s anonymous.


Mayor Dan Horrigan says that public spaces and recreation are sorts of stimulation for neighborhood development.


Horrigan is proud of the recreation service that the city provides.


Yet, his goal is to evaluate or change the way they provide services and modernize it.


The shortest way to is to ask the citizens what they need from the city government. Asking citizens for their opinion is a way to enhance public engagement.


Survey reveals the things that need to be added or improved. Moreover, it finds out how much citizens value existing offerings.


The question is how to attract new park users. To do that one should know what people enjoy so that the city can better serve them.


Recreation Bureau Manager encouraged Akron residents to use their services and to speak up their mind.


There are so-called ‘’friend’s groups’’ near each Akron park. They help to keep the parks clean and inviting.


There is a partnership between the city and Friends of the Metro Parks. Is there a better way of succeeding than to gather people for the same goal?


For better results, the city came up with a study that includes 161 Akron parks. It covers 3804 acres.


There is no age discrimination for Akron’s residents.  11 Akron community centers, as well as Balch Street fitness center is for the use of the resident of any age group.


Drive Up: The New Pick-Up Option Target is Brining to Ohio

Drive Up: The New Pick-Up Option Target is Brining to Ohio

Target has some great news for Ohioans! This week, the company announced that they will be expanding their “Drive Up” service in 5 states, one of which is Ohio.


The “Drive Up” service gives customers the option to place an order online or on the Target app and then pick it up outside one of the stores. Customers in Cleveland, Columbus, and many other cities can now get whatever they need while remaining in their vehicle.


TargetIt’s very quick and easy! You place your order on the Target app, choose the location that you want, then once you get there all you do is wait in your car by the store. The app will notify you when your order will be ready for pickup so you don’t have to wait.


Once you are ready to head to the store, you choose the “I’m on the Way” button to inform the employees that you will be there soon. When you arrive at your designated store, you park in one of the “Drive Up” parking spots and wait for the employee to come out.


In a matter of a few minutes, the employee will bring out your order and load it in your vehicle and you’re ready to get on with your day! Quick and easy right?


Not every single item in stores will have the “Drive Up” service option. However, the majority will. Worst case scenario, you can also choose the store pick-up option which is just as fast.


You will also have to pay for any item when you purchase it with the “Drive Up” option. You cannot pay in store or the employee, it should be done on the app. Otherwise, it will not let your order go through.


The first city to get this new service in Ohio is Columbus and the next will be Cleveland. The other cities have not been determined or announced by Target.


An Attempted Terror Attack Has Been Prevented in Downtown Cleveland

An Attempted Terror Attack Has Been Prevented in Downtown Cleveland

A man from Maple Heights plotted to set off a bomb at the 4th of July fireworks celebration in downtown Cleveland to “strike at the values at the very core of our nation,” according to the officials.


Demetrius N. Pitts, 48, expressed a desire to join al Qaeda and kill U.S. citizens — including military personnel and their families. He told the undercover agent of his plot to conduct a July 4 attack on Voinovich Park, where the fireworks are set off each year, authorities said Monday during a news conference announcing Pitts’ arrest.


“Just last week, this defendant was walking around downtown Cleveland conducting reconnaissance on what he believed was a large-scale attack,” U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Ohio Justin Herdman said. “He looked for a place to park a van full of explosives.”


Cleveland terror attackThe FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force arrested Pitts on Sunday afternoon. He will appear later Monday in federal court, Herdman said. Pitts faces a maximum of 20 years in federal prison if he is convicted, Herdman said.


Pitts is a U.S. citizen and Philadelphia native, but he became radicalized and is also known by the names Abdur Raheem Rafeeq and Salah ad-Deem Osama Waleed.


Pitts met the undercover agent June 22 in Walton Hills. During the meeting he told the undercover agent of his desire to conduct a terrorist attack during the Fourth of July celebration in downtown Cleveland, authorities said. “What would hit them at their core?” Those were his words told to the undercover agent, according to the affidavit. “Blow up in the, have a bomb blow up the Fourth of July parade.”


Stephen Anthony, FBI Special Agent in Charge,  declined to say during the news conference if Pitts had access to, or can make, an explosive. But Pitts had the “desire and intent” to conduct the attack, Anthony said.


The attack was planned to be at Voinovich Park. He was also pleased the location is near the U.S. Coast Guard station and the Anthony J. Celebrezze Federal Building, the affidavit says.


Pitts told the undercover agent he planned to travel to downtown Cleveland to conduct reconnaissance on the area. The undercover agent texted Pitts on June 22 and indicated al Qaeda “brothers” would provide him a bus pass and a cellphone. A confidential source then met Pitts on July 25 in Maple Heights and gave him the items, authorities said.


Pitts texted the undercover agent the following day to say he’d completed his reconnaissance, and that he wanted to “destroy the government,” the affidavit says. He subsequently met with the confidential source to the return the cell phone, so its content could be given to al Qaeda “brothers,” the affidavit says.


Pitts met the undercover agent for a final time on Sunday. He explained his plan to travel back to his hometown of Philadelphia, so he could conduct reconnaissance for a future attack there, the affidavit says. The undercover agent reminded Pitts that people would die in a potential terrorist attack, but Pitts responded by saying he did not care and had no regrets, the affidavit says.


Pitts has an extensive criminal history, including prior convictions for felonious assault, domestic violence and carrying concealed weapons, Anthony said.


There is no approved information about the Pitt’s home investigation.


Police Chief Calvin Williams said the Cleveland police department will have additional police officers on duty, as is standard for all holiday celebrations or large events. Officers on duty will have a heightened sense of vigilance, Williams said, but he also asked residents to report any suspicious activity.


Pay extra attention to people around you and be safe. Happy 4th of July!


Kent State University Earned a Talented Architectural Student

Kent State University Earned a Talented Architectural Student

A student at Kent State University in Ohio is incredibly talented with the models of stadiums that he creates.


David Resnik is a 36-year-old architect student who creates models of stadiums as a hobby.


Resnik used to work in sales and was not happy with his job. 3 years ago, his brother suggested he start building model stadiums as a hobby, which changed everything.


In his teen years, he used to build stadium models just because of the love he had for it. In 1995, he was featured in a “Plain Dealer” story with Jacobs Field.


One of Resnik’s friends who also happened to know Bill Willoughby, dean of the College of Architecture and Environmental Design at Kent State University, contacted Willoughby to tell him about Resnik’s work.


Willoughby was impressed and liked all the designs Resnik had created. He tried to guess what type of programs Resnik had used to create the models, however, Resnik had no clue of what the program names were.


Willoughby came to the realization that Resnik creates his models all by hand, which is why he is so talented. His models are extremely detailed and look very realistic.


He includes everything in his designs. Buildings, greenery, sidewalks, etc. Even inside the stadiums or the buildings, he includes the small designs.


He sometimes uses Google Maps to get images of the buildings and will work with PhotoShop as well. He cuts every single piece a few times until he gets the size he wants, then uses a double-sided tape to put everything together.


He even includes lights in his designs! The lights are battery-operated and he uses a small switch to turn them on when he wants to.


For one of the fields he had created, he spent about 300 to 400 hours working on it.


Some of his field designs were donated to charity. His latest design on NC Park in Pittsburgh will also be donated to charity.


As a kid, this hobby started with building other things like airplane models with Legos or Construx. This has been his hobby since the age of 5. He’s a natural!


Another interest that sparked his hobby was his love of baseball. Jacobs Field led him to build things even more detailed than ever.


It all started with “some scissors and some cardboard and some glue,” he says. And just like that, a legendary architect was made.



Where You’ll be Slowed by ODOT’s Big Road Projects in Cleveland: Beware of Closures

Where You’ll be Slowed by ODOT’s Big Road Projects in Cleveland: Beware of Closures

cleveland road closuresIf you haven’t encountered orange barrels yet this spring, there’s a good bet that you’ll do so soon on northern Ohio’s roadways.


So, to help you avoid the necessary aggravation for what eventually will be smoother drives ahead, we’ve compiled the list of big projects in the works or already underway in the Greater Cleveland-Akron area.


Included below, you’ll find Ohio Department of Transportation projects for Cuyahoga, Geauga, Lake, Lorain, Medina, Portage and Summit counties.


The road projects are grouped together by county. So, for example, if it’s Lake County where you do most of your driving, scroll below the listings for Cuyahoga and Geauga counties to find the projects on tap for Lake County.


Some of the work listed below is already close to wrapping up. Other projects won’t get started for a few months. The dates are included.


Plan ahead to minimize your delays. And if the roadwork is too aggravating, don’t despair: winter is just a few months away. The road crews won’t be doing much work then.


 Road Projects in Cleveland

St. Casmir Way

Location: St. Casmir Way, Cleveland Estimated Start Date: April 2018
Bid Amount: $415,978 Estimated Completion Date: August 2018
Description: Replace the St. Casmir Way (park road connector from MLK Jr. Drive to Ansel Road) bridge over Doan Brook, in the city of Cleveland. Impact: Street will be closed for almost 150 days. Motorist will be detoured via Martin Luther King Jr. Dr., St. Clair Ave. and Ansel Rd. Short-term lane closures on Martin Luther King Jr. Drive may take place for deliveries.


55th Street

Location: East 55th Street, Cleveland Start Date: June 2017
Bid Amount: $5,496,732 Estimated End Date: October 2018
Description: Resurface East 55th St. between Broadway Ave. and Superior Ave. in the city of Cleveland. Impact: Traffic will be maintained with one lane in each direction.



Huron and Prospect roads

Location: Huron Road, Prospect Avenue, West 6th Street, West 3rd Street and West 2nd Street, Cleveland Estimated Start Date: March 2018
Bid Amount: $13,990,873 Estimated Completion Date: November 2020
Description: Repairs to Huron Road, Prospect Ave., West 6th Street, West 3rd Street and West 2nd Street bridges over GCRTA station in the city of Cleveland. Impact: Traffic will be maintained in 2018. Street restrictions and temporary lane closures will take place in 2019 and 2020.




Location: I-480, Cleveland, Maple Heights and Warrensville Heights Start Date: March 2018
Bid Amount: $6,950,298 Estimated End Date: October 2018
Description: Reconfigure the I-480 eastbound lanes near Warrensville Center Rd. to provide three lanes of traffic to continue on I-480 past the I-271 split in the cities of Warrensville Hts., Maple Hts. And Cleveland. Impact Traffic will be maintained utilizing lane shifts. Off-peak lane and ramp closures. Detours will be posted.



Ohio 10 (Lorain Road)

Location: State Route 10 (Lorain Road), Fairview Park and Cleveland. Estimated Start Date: June 2018
Bid Amount: $1,020,000 Estimated End Date: October 2018
Description: Upgrade fencing on SR 10 bridge over the Rocky River in the cities of Fairview Park and Cleveland. Impact: Traffic will be maintained. Pedestrians detours will be posted.



Interstate 77

Location: Interstate 77, Cuyahoga Heights Estimated Start Date: March 2018
Bid Amount: $7,848,580 Estimated End Date: June 2019
Description: Replace the I-77 southbound exit ramp bridge to SR 21 southbound in the city of Cuyahoga Hts. Impact: Intermittent closures of the I-77 southbound exit ramp to SR 21 southbound. Detour will be posted.



Martin Luther King Drive

Location: Martin Luther King Drive, Cleveland Start Date: February 2018
Bid Amount: $1,166,838 Estimated End Date: October 2018
Description: Replace a concrete arch on Martin Luther King Jr. Dr. over Doan Brook south of Jeptha Dr. in the city of Cleveland. Impact: Traffic will be maintained utilizing traffic shifts.



These are only the part of the projects that are scheduled in the nearest years. Please, stay connected to our website to get more information. You can check the online traffic here.

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