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    Silverado Past Static: Chevrolet’s Darling Said Push Beyond 400 EV Miles

    In an announcement, General Motors has made it loud and clear that not only will they build a Chevrolet Silverado Electric Pickup at Factory Zero, but that the Silverado will be able to range about 400 Miles on one charge. Isn't that swell? Stupendous? Absolutely astounding? I hardly could believe it myself when I read it. The pickup is certainly one of the more memorable vehicles Chevy has had in their possession. Additionally, the Silverado happens to be undergoing a big rivalry. Because guess which vehicle from the General Motors line will be built right next to the Silverado? That's right. The GMC Hummer EV. Since it's comeback, that versatile vehicle has itself been making a whole tone of buzz. Being that it has the very tenacity of crab walking, all-terrain climbing and a roof to die for. Getting back to the Silverado It's said that this electric pickup truck will have 400 miles of range. It's designed from the ground up to be all-encompassing as a major user of the Ultium battery. Combined with the drivetrain technology, General Motors has made mention that the newer editions may be expansive in their own right, even aiming at commercial centers. Furthermore, the Silverado is supposedly even cheaper than the Hummer EV. And cer ... Read More

    Vector Motors is Dedicated To Trolling Supercars A Lamborghini Lookalike

    Vector Motors is an enigmatic company. They allow for supercar enthusiasts to invest in a wild subculture some people may have completely forgotten existed. They have such pseudo production vehicles, like the Vector Motors W8 and the next-of-kin Avtech WX-3. In the 1990s, the Vector Motors brand did quick work of addressing hostile corporate takeovers while observing a supercar with a Lambo V12 engine. This is being bid upon in the upcoming sale. Vector Motors had been struggling in the 1990s, and the founder and chief engineer Jerry Wiegert took a chance on investment from Megatech. The lead of it, Tommy Suharto, was the youngest son of mononymic Indonesian president Suharto within 1993. Wiegert was dedicating his latest line of capital to lay finishing touches on the forthcoming WX-3 supercar. MegaTech has intentions for Vector Motors' inventions. Firstly, they are the cash-strapped supercar that exists under the MegaTech wings. Lambo went through hypnosis around 1994. In the middle of Diablo's product cycle. Vector Motors aren't able to attain their platforms but the Diablo chassis indeed undergoing elongation enough to become the M12 model. In spite of all this, Diablo and their 5.7 liter V-12 engine had been retained. Through a five-speed manual transmission, Vector would continue to reign. ... Read More

    AMIA Mexican Automakers Catch Up To Their International Counterparts

    Mexico has had it relatively difficult lately. Being that their sector has been depressed by the COVID-19. Tough news for AMIA especially. After a disruptive year, Mexico’s light vehicle manufacturers hope to revive a sector depressed by the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as hampered by shortages of semiconductor components and energy for factories. Some of the best opportunities for the industry’s recovery could come from U.S.-China trade tensions, along with changes initiated by the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA), said José Zozaya Délano, executive president of the Mexican Automotive Industry Association (AMIA). “It is expected that during the administration of President Joe Biden, some of the imposed measures on Chinese technology platforms and products tariffs that led to a trade war during the Donald Trump term could be negotiated to strengthen their bilateral relations,” Zozaya Délano told FreightWaves. ... Read More

    Hyundai Is Showing Off The Future Of Last-Mile Delivery

    When you hear the name Hyundai, what do you think of first? Maybe some commercial with Super Bowl celebrities. Maybe of the Elantra and how you could easily star in a spy movie with just the right amount of car parts tinted. Perhaps, you're just confusing someone's dialect with a Honda. In any case, Hyundai is leading the future pursuits with their New Horizons Studio. It's based on the foundational knowledge that it's Transforming Intelligent Ground Excursion Robot (TIGER) kicks butt. It's essentially an unmannable delivery vehicle. This is pretty ambitious of the Hyundai-backed company, which joins plenty of startups looking to make big bucks off of a market that is trying to peak beyond $40 billion in the United States by 2030. Now, not every company tends to be newly exposed to this type of transportation. Usually, there are long histories where they develop innovative concepts and solutions in transportation. Hyundai Motor Group has the TIGER as an Ultimate Mobility Vehicle. Which, when shortened, is also known as an UMV. The vehicle is absolutely based on modular platforms. And it's really cool. Because it works hard on leg-and-wheel locomotion systems. There is also a 360-degree directional control system. Where the range of sensors allow for remote observation. Each o ... Read More

    XPeng Stock Is Going Up! Better To Invest In AV Versus EV

    XPeng has the market covered. With their stocks skyrocketing you'd have to be a total idiot not to invest. They have been advancing the agenda on autonomous vehicles for a long while and it's just about time that these guys get the respect that they deserve. Just look at the past year of how strong the endorsement the call really has been tremendous. Just look at how Chinese EV maker NIO has sprouted to more than 1000% of their shares while Tesla has only gone up a measly 640%. XPeng right now is a catalyst buy because of how often the company itself has invested in self-driving capabilities. When a stock will rise soon, XPeng will already go up 164%, as it has within the past three months alone. This likely follows positive media and good investor feedback from test drives. Furthermore, XPeng has divulged details on its Navigation Guided Pilot, likely to be a part of the driver-assistance feature package, which the company has called XPILOT 3.0. They're offering XPILOT 2.5 on the vehicles currently. The XPilot 3.0 is to be recognized as the best in autonomous-driving features. It's signal has even been capable of working in adverse weather conditions, roads filled with complexities and zero GPS signal. XPeng has shares being bought with a $58 price target. Chinese EV stocks a ... Read More

    QuantumScape? More like QuantumSlump. They’re Stuck… Why?

    Lately, electric vehicles have been feeling less charge. Less motivation, so to speak. And while anyone can blame that on the calamitous year of 2020, it's likely more deep-rooted. More deep-rooted in batteries. This may especially be attributed to QuantumScape, whom dropped more than 40% in shares on Monday. Meanwhile, the rest of the sector is doing just dandy! They were off 40% to $50.80 a share. This is to say that the shares themselves have been suffering almost more than half their market value in just the past four trading days alone. No one really knows why, but likely due to low stock trades, did QuantumScape have to merge with a SPAC nnamed Kensington Capital. In turn, stock for the EV battery maker jumped from 57% to $37. So what's the deal with QuantumScape? Do they need Al Calavicci? Well, some sort of guide would be nice! Holographic or not... Their shares are down from the record closing $131.67 originally observed on December 22nd. Maybe it has to do with the science of the whole thing. After all, the standard is currently Lithium-ion batteries. They're reliant on the liquid electrolyte process that occurs inside. Higher energy-density solid-state batteries will expedite all of this by increasing range and shortening the charge times for EVs in future years to ... Read More

    Talk About Snail Mail! Truckers Wait At Post Office For Fifteen Hours

    This past weekend, truckers have had it tougher than ever before. And you would think, for all the good that the USPS does for our American society, that they would be able to properly serve us as an American people. How UnAmerican do you have to be to not do at least that? Apparently as much as someone who works in the post office. They were supposed to -- "they" being the truck drivers -- drop off and pick up shipments to USPS the whole weekend. But it would appear that nobody actually showed up to give said packages to the truckers. An individual by the name of Fronrue Tarpeh had this to say, regarding truck drivers waiting for the Post Office. “They’re not going to get them on time." She continues by stating that it's an unequivocal amount of work. The post office is doing dirty deeds. They have to go ahead and make it happen for the truck drivers that are sacrificing their hard time just to do this job. But that's not all that the USPS hit them with. Apparently, the Postal Office has more than a card up their sleeves. A whole envelope, if you will. The following states: "The Postal Service is experiencing significant volume increases, while at the same time employee availability has been reduced due to t ... Read More

    ZETA Is Changing The World, One Charge At A Time

    This may corme across to you as a super generic blog post, but truly, electric cars are really revolutionizing the marketplace. They're making streets less polluted by smog, they're encouraging clean air initiatives and just making cooler cars out of an originally dorky concept. Furthermore, it turns out some of the top names in modern transportation are joining forces. All in the pursuit of keeping love for electric cars abuzz. These following automakers / rideshare companies are making a difference: Lucid Motors, Rivian, Uber and Tesla, plus many more. What are they really doing exactly? Well, they've just started a coalition to lobby on to the bigwigs of the U.S. government. It's also known as the Zero Emission Transportation Association. Otherwise known as ZETA. ZETA vows to have 100% of new car sales to be electric by 2030. This may be news to many states. But as it turns out, new cars were already going to be all-electric by then in states like California. Or at least, by 2035. In New Jersey, they're also bubbling with joy in the likelihood of having all new car sales be electric by then. ZETA themselves? They ... Read More

    Volkswagen Bus Through The Years: How The Later Models Electrify

    I was writing a different piece when I came to the realization that Volkswagen has certainly been trying to reboot the good old Volkswagen Bus for a while now! They had a couple more types after Type 1, sure, but look at these electrical models! (Or I shouldn't be so generic, as some of them were gas-powered.) However, I think it's important to take a look at some of the more recent models. After all, most of these newer ones have striking qualities about themselves. So why not analyze them and take a look at how incredible the recent times give us? Microbus (2001) This particular model had sliding doors, motorized to open and close automatically. There's also Xenon headlights and 20-inch wheels, which isn't standard fare in the industry. There's something traditional about these front-wheel-drive minivans that has made the model push for greater innovation. ... Read More

    Port X Logistics Founder Brian Kempisty Is Unifying The Drayage Market

    Trucking in zooming in with high trucking rates. Even with the catastrophe that's been 2020 in blindsight, trucking rates have still hit their peak retail season. This has been the case since the summer. It's all in a greater effort and therefore, for the greater good to replenish stocks. The e-commerce giant Amazon is moving Prime day to the 14th. Meanwhile, Harbor Trucker Association assumes 10,000 drayage drivers. Everyone is peaking with their own contribution to continuity of the logistics service. The same stays true for Brian Kempisty and his business, Port X Logistics. They were featured on the Monday episode of WHAT THE TRUCK?!? It's a talk show featured on FreightWaves on which he speaks with Booner and The Dude. "We knew the standard operating procedures that were going to be imperative, and one of the things in the drayage world; communicate, communicate, communicate and always be proactive." said Kempisty. Turvo and Port X Port X has joined forces with Turvo, a collaboration technology which is capable of sending customers alerts when seaworthy vessels are in the water. From there, the container is re ... Read More