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It Already Feels Like Halloween: Things to do on Oct. 11-14 While in Cleveland

It Already Feels Like Halloween: Things to do on Oct. 11-14 While in Cleveland

Weather becomes colder, it feels a lot like fall in Cleveland. However, there is no shortage of things one can do around the city over the weekends. This weekend is not an exception as well.


Here is a small guide to lead you to the events that can be unforgettable for you.


OCTOBER 12:  Stranger Things Spooktacular 2: The Return

Head to the Beachland Ballrooms as you can be a witness of Ohio Burlesque’s “Stranger Things Spooktacular” show for a second time. If you never been, then you’ll be amazed for the first time. You can be surprised by the routines of nerdy and spooky, including retro thrills and chills. “American Horror Story” or “Stranger Things.”

Address: 15711 Waterloo Road

Time: 7:30 to 10:30 PM


Haunted Houses

haunted house clevelandIt’s almost Halloween, isn’t it? It is time to have some fun with Halloween entertaining. You can visit haunted houses all over the town. This is a spooky season; all the brave citizens can be found around tens of haunted houses. Some of them are kid-friendly but some of them are filled with monsters and ghosts. Northeast Ohio is full of this kind of entertainments if you want to learn more, visit here.


OCTOBER 12: Moonshine Gala

Do you love retro style? Old places, kitchen, and people? You can easily go back in time when visiting Gordon’s Square’s Spice Kitchen’s Moonshine Gala which will feature Prohibition era-like cocktails served with the three-course meal. The Luckey Ones will lead the music and will give the lively spirit of the Roaring ‘20s parties. Tetro clothing is encouraged.

Address: 5800 Detroit Ave.

Time: 6:00 to 10:00 PM


OCTOBER 12-14: GhoulardiFest

This Halloween bash is filled with appearances, costume contests and, of course, the annual pizza eating fest. Get to meet with Victoria Price, actress and Vincent Price’s daughter.


Address: 19201 East Bagley Rd., Middleburg Heights


OCTOBER 12-14: Superhero Weekend Mapleside Farms

While being a usual farm. Mapleside Farms will turn into a little bit Gotham, a little Metropolis and a little bit fairy tale kingdom. The reason for that is those little superheroes are to come here. Kids are invited to dress up in their superhero dear for a costume contest. If you are searching for family and kid-friendly entertainment, this one is for you.

Address: 294 Pearl Rd., Brunswick


And many other festivals that can take place in Cleveland and close cities. Just take your time and go around the city, you will be amazed what Cleveland is turning into!

Cleveland’s Best Artisans Will Showcase Their Unique Items in a Marketplace

Cleveland’s Best Artisans Will Showcase Their Unique Items in a Marketplace

Cleveland artisansCleveland, Ohio – Clevelanders love to show their love and dedication towards their hometown.


The best artisans and art makers have an opportunity to show that through unique items created by them for a marketplace.


Those items will be displayed at Homegrown Cleveland, in an organized marketplace being held November 3, at Red Space from 11 a.m.to 4 p.m. The Red place is located at 2400 Superior Ave.


The market was aimed at celebrating the uniqueness of the community. 5000 companies founded locally to the communities of business owners and makers have transformed their hobbies into a full-time business.


The marketplace invites shoppers to get unique handcrafted items from talented artisans. All it takes is getting a ticket for a public open marketplace.


General admission tickets are $12. For children under 5 are free.


Jewelry, ceramics, tableware, poster art and more will be available for the attendees. During the whole time, you will be shopping, the food truck will be in the marketplace serving samples.


The Sports Lounge and Kid’s Corner are available for the attendees to relax and watch the day’s college football games.


To diversify a market, Homegrown Cleveland is looking for local artisans. The application must be sent by October 12, 11.59 p.m.


The application will be viewed based on the quality, originality, and creativity.


There is a vendor fee of $275.




From Music Festivals To Haunted Houses: Autumn Season in Cleveland

From Music Festivals To  Haunted Houses: Autumn Season in Cleveland

Although summer is over, there is still plenty of fun to have this weekend in Cleveland.


Ready for foodie events, or maybe live music? That and lot more is waiting for you this weekend in Northeast Ohio.


Have you ever hear of Ingenuity Fest?  Karamu House with the stage lights up hosts entrepreneurs, artists, Innovators of all types to aspire audiences and to empower communities.


Sip drinks at the Whiskey and White Lightning Music Fest while watching a new comedy and trivia show, Pop-Cleveland, at Forest City Brewery.



Let’s dive into Pop-Cleveland. The city’s newest sketch comedy and trivia show is back at Duck Island’s Forest City Brewery.


You will be participating in an interactive quiz. Grab a beer and compete against your fellow audience members in the show.

Write down the address of the Forest City Brewery and get ready for the show on September 27, 7.30-10 p.m.


Autumn season can be flavored with the warmer atmosphere at Gold horn Brewery. Being served with good beer is good. But this brewery makes it even better for you. The chief and Gold horn’s assistant brewer will offer delicious desserts with crafted beer.


Come to enjoy the combination of both on September 27, at the location 1361 East 55th St., Cleveland.


As we mentioned earlier, Karamu house will bring August Wilson’s “Fences’’ to the main stage. A story of a black basketball player who got excluded from the league in the 1950s, won Pulitzer and Tony Awards.


As Halloween is about to come, Ohio will transform into a fear-filled fun place. For adventurous visitors, the haunted houses are opening their doors.


Just in case you are planning to come with the family, make sure you go to the family and kid-friendly ones.



Caution, Drivers! Reconstruction Work in Cleveland

Caution, Drivers!  Reconstruction Work in Cleveland

Cleveland reconstructionCleveland, Ohio—Cleveland has initiated a new program of street reconstruction and repaving on more than 80 side streets across the city’s neighborhood.


The project will start its work on September 24.

The reconstruction team will be working on Vine Court in the Hingetown area of Ohio City.


The geography of the project will encompass from West 32nd Street to West 29th Street.


A lot of work will be done according to the project plan. It will involve installing a new mainline sewer, removing failed bricks and replacing the pavement.


The project will create some inconveniences for the residents. During the project, residents will not be able to use their driveways and will have to park on nearby side streets.


Initially, the reconstruction work is supposed to last at least 60 days. On October 2 the full length of Corlett Avenue will face resurfacing work.


The street runs from East 116th Street by John Addams College and Career Academy to East 131st Street.


Due to the paving that will be conducted by phases, all abutting businesses will be accessible with one-lane traffic in each direction. Curbs, sidewalks, and ramps with Disabilities will be installed also.


Cleveland Has the Largest Economy of the State

Cleveland Has the Largest Economy of the State

ClevelandCLEVELAND, OHIO – The federal Bureau of Economic Analysis released a data according to which Cleveland has the largest economy of the state’s metro areas and the 28th largest in the nation.


The economy grew more than in other areas last year given a number of reasons. Last year, the city strengthened its mining and natural resources industries thus boosting the employment rate. Additionally, the wholesale trade and supply chain, as well as arts and entertainment reported growth.


Cleveland’s economy grew by 2.9 percent last year and was valued at $140 billion compared to Cincinnati’s growth of 2.4 percent valued at $138 billion and Columbus’ growth up 2.1 percent valued at $136.6 billion.


In spite of this, the economists believe that Columbus will surpass Cleveland due to its population growth. The improvement in GDP is a positive factor, but that doesn’t reduce the economic disadvantages of the city.


Bill LaFayette, owner of the economic consulting firm Regionomics, believes that Columbus has more population growth that will create demand for local services. Columbus was highly rated for significant growth in construction, health care, professional and business services in 2017.


Ben Ayers, senior economist at Nationwide, mentioned that the economy is when people are productive. The less people, the less productive is the economy.



94-Year-Old Cleveland Woman Beaten to Death By The Burglar

94-Year-Old Cleveland Woman Beaten to Death By The Burglar

cleveland woman burglarCleveland, Ohio —-A 94-year-old woman was beaten to death by a burglar during a home invasion.


The house where the incident happened is located at the city’s Broadway-Slavic Village neighborhood, police said.


The identity of the 94-year old woman has not been released yet. The Cuyahoga County Medical Examiner has not identified the victim who died of blunt force trauma to the head.


Police have made no arrests in the case. Another 74-year-old woman was also attacked by the burglar during the home invasion. She was taken to the Metro Health  Hospital with head trauma, according to police.


The burglar broke into the home on Gertrude Avenue through the window located about 1.45 a.m. By the time the burglar broke into the house, two women were sleeping.


The burglar attacked two women and stole items from the home. According to police, the amount of stolen items is unknown.


The burglar is about 25-year-old, as the police believe.


Cleveland was the top destination for homicide crimes. In 2018 94 homicides have been recorded in Cleveland. This was the fourth homicide in a 24-hour spam.


Why Cleveland is the Home of Rock and Roll

Why Cleveland is the Home of Rock and Roll

Rock and RollCleveland has long been known as the birthplace of Rock and Roll. While many historic events took place in this location, people speculate that these happenings haven’t happened by chance.


The history of rock started back in the early 1950s when a radio disc jockey named Alan Freed started his radio show on WJW in Cleveland. It was gaining popularity because of the kind of music he was playing for his white listeners.


White folks were listening to the likes of Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin, African Americans were listening to rhythm and blues, which was referred to as “race music.”


When Freed and the owner of the Record Rendezvous record store, Leo Mintz, became good friends, Ultimately, this friendship resulted in an extensive cooperation of merging the efforts and benefiting from each other.


Mintz convinced Freed to start playing this music on his radio show. They had to change the genre to “rock ‘n’ roll”. The term was borrowed from old blues tunes and means “to fornicate.”


The teenage generation, unlike middle aged-people, positively reacted to the new genre. It evoked the spirit of rebellion and gradually revolutionized the music history.


Further, Cleveland became the place where most of the musical prominent events took place. Elvis Presley played his very first concert in Cleveland at Brooklyn High School. In 1966, The Beatles played a concert inside Cleveland’s iconic Public Hall.


Additionally, in 1970ies Cleveland started broadcasting WMMS-FM local radio station. Most of the DJs played mainly what they wanted.  Thanks to WMMS, many artists and bands, like Rush, Bruce Springsteen, David Bowie and Fleetwood Mac gained popularity.


Finally, Cleveland hosts The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. The hall features the evolution of this musical and cultural phenomenon through more than 50 exhibits.


Another Deadly Shootout in Cleveland

CLEVELAND, OHIO – September 4, a 20-year old man was arrested on suspicion of aggravated murder and felonious assault.


The shootout that killed one man and injured two others, took place on East 121st Street and Union Avenue in the city’s Mt. Pleasant neighborhood. The police reports that this death features the sixth in five days. Even though these crimes are not connected with one another, it creates an alarming situation for Cleveland communities.


The victim was Martez Thomas, 23 who was seated with another person in a car on the street when a car crashed. Police says that the suspects walked up to their car, opened their car doors and exchanged gunfire. As a result, Thomas was shot in the head, while the other passenger got injuries on the left eye. The injured was on the ground outside the car, when the police arrived.


The 2 injured were taken to University Hospitals, where Thomas died.


The shooters all escaped the scenery after the shootout. However, the 20-year-old murder suspect was also shot, and further was dropped off at Southpointe hospital, where he was arrested.


The police reports that there have been 85 homicides in Cleveland in 2018, five more than at the same period of time last year.

Labor Day Fun Weekend in Cleveland : What To Do ?

Labor Day Fun Weekend in Cleveland : What To Do ?

Cleveland weekendThis Labor Day weekend, there is no shortage of festivals, film, live music and more to explore In Northeast Ohio.


Love dancing? Make a trip to a classic Georgia County Fair to show off your best moves at dance parties.


A unique opportunity to listen to Cleveland Orchestra performing the ‘’Star Wars’’ soundtrack. There are activities for yoga lovers outside the Rock Hall at the annual gathering.


Georgia county Fair is a string of fun activities featuring farm life, food, games and 2000 animals.

And yet this is not the end. This year Made in Ohio Festival is going to turn into a three-day event.


Artists across the state will come together for entertainment, weekend shopping, and drinks. If you get an entry ticket for the event, you will be exposed to Hall Farm homes and craft demonstrations.


Cleveland is an artistic place. Gordon Square Art Space is going to become a home to colorful works, the launch of its ninth issue, featuring artists like Clare Kolat, Kia Taylor, Tim Switalski, Angela Oster and more.


You missed this year’s Sundance Film Festival? No problem . You can enjoy the festival’s short film tour at Uptown art House Theater. This 95 minutes program introduces the highlights of the festival.


Another fun festival is the 104th tear annual St. Rocco Festival. It takes place at St. Rocco Catholic Church. Fill up your weekend with live music, games and many more.


Want to dance the night away at the punk rock club? Go ahead! Classic and rare soul tracks will be spinning at the dance night.


You wonder what else is available for the weekend in Cleveland? Don’t miss out the Cleveland National Air Show.


Enjoy your weekend and have fun!


32 Years of Imprisonment For Robbery From 3 Dollar Stores

32 Years of Imprisonment For Robbery From 3 Dollar Stores

Cleveland robberyCLEVELAND,OHIO—-A Cleveland man was arrested after posting a Facebook photo of himself holding a stack of money and a handgun following a robbery.


He will serve a lengthy prison sentence.


US Attorney Justin E.Herdman says this defendant is a predator who pointed a loaded gun at the head of someone just trying to do their job and later on posted a photo on social media, Facebook.



The accused man named Williams Holmes is 22 years old. He was sentenced to 32 years of imprisonment in the federal jail after he was convicted of three armed robberies of the Cleveland-area Dollar Tree stores.


The locations for these three stores are revealed.


Investigators say Holmes robbed the Dollar Tree stores located at 12900 Miles Road on May 14, 12900 Miles Road on June 4, and 2892 East 116th Street on June 19.


According to court documents during the incident of June 4, William Holmes threatened the employee with the handgun pointed to the employee’s head and took approximately $1.500 from the store.


He posted the Facebook photo after the robbery.


Trevor Velinor, ATF’s Special Agent in Charge said no one should face the threat of violence through their daily lives.


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