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32 Years of Imprisonment For Robbery From 3 Dollar Stores

32 Years of Imprisonment For Robbery From 3 Dollar Stores

Cleveland robberyCLEVELAND,OHIO—-A Cleveland man was arrested after posting a Facebook photo of himself holding a stack of money and a handgun following a robbery.


He will serve a lengthy prison sentence.


US Attorney Justin E.Herdman says this defendant is a predator who pointed a loaded gun at the head of someone just trying to do their job and later on posted a photo on social media, Facebook.



The accused man named Williams Holmes is 22 years old. He was sentenced to 32 years of imprisonment in the federal jail after he was convicted of three armed robberies of the Cleveland-area Dollar Tree stores.


The locations for these three stores are revealed.


Investigators say Holmes robbed the Dollar Tree stores located at 12900 Miles Road on May 14, 12900 Miles Road on June 4, and 2892 East 116th Street on June 19.


According to court documents during the incident of June 4, William Holmes threatened the employee with the handgun pointed to the employee’s head and took approximately $1.500 from the store.


He posted the Facebook photo after the robbery.


Trevor Velinor, ATF’s Special Agent in Charge said no one should face the threat of violence through their daily lives.


New Cleveland Sign Was Installed Along the Cuyahoga River:New Spot for Tourists

New Cleveland Sign Was Installed Along the Cuyahoga River:New Spot for Tourists

Cleveland New Script Sign installedAnother Cleveland script sign has popped up. Visiting Cleveland? Good news for you! You have one more option of a sixth photo.


The newest sign is along the Cuyahoga River at the Foundry on Columbus Road. According to Destination Cleveland’s website, the Cleveland script signs were installed ‘’in picturesque locations’’.


It will give locals and visitors beautiful signature photos to share with friends and family on social media.


“With the continued popularity of the Cleveland script signs, Destination Cleveland and The Foundry collaborated to install a sixth sign this weekend,” Destination Cleveland said in a news release.


“Located along the Cuyahoga River at The Foundry, the sign provides both a tangible Cleveland brand experience to visitors and residents alike and another opportunity for iconic images of Cleveland to be shared throughout the world.”


The Foundry cooperated with Destination Cleveland to bring the sign to another spot in the city. The Cleveland skyline serves as the backdrop.


Each new sign costs about $40.000, according to Destination Cleveland. The tourism group said the Foundry is paying half of the cost.


Tourists are fond of taking pictures of script signs. The script signs have become popular spots for photos among visitors and locals.


Want to have a quick picture with the skyline in the background?


These locations are good for photo shooting. You can check them out and share the pictures with friends and family.


Here they are: Edgewater Park, North Coast Harbor, Tremont and Euclid Beach Park are beloved places to visit and creating some memories with the pictures.


There is also one at the Cleveland Hopkins International Airport. Rowers and sailors can also join in the fun, too.


It’s time for you to visit Cleveland and join in the fun. Take pictures with 5 iconic Cleveland script signs and don’t forget to share with friends on social media.


Two Suspects Were Arrested For The Pistol-Whipping of a 75-Year-old Man

Two Suspects Were Arrested For The Pistol-Whipping of a 75-Year-old Man

Cleveland Two suspects arrestedCleveland, Ohio –Two suspects were arrested for the pistol-whipping of a 75-year-old man on Thursday morning in Cleveland.


Cleveland police and the Northern Ohio Violent Fugitive Task Force arrested 19 years old Jonathon Hill and 17-year old male inside an apartment located at 4700 block of Pearl Road in Cleveland.


Police said that the 75-year-old victim was attacked in the parking lot on July 9 around 10 p.m. The parking lot at 17130 Puritas Avenue.


Investigation spotted the suspects. In the surveillance video, the suspects were seen entering the parking lot from W.143rd.


The suspects attempted to enter several locked vehicles before the victim walked into the parking lot.


The victim got pistol-whipped in the face by the suspects when new talked to his car. It left the victim unconscious.


After they got the victim knocked out, the suspects stole his car and run away from the parking lot.


The police managed to find the robbed vehicle. Hill and Juvenile are now charged with aggravated robbery, kidnapping, felonious assault, as well as grand theft and concealed weapons.


Police officers are worried about criminals walking in the streets and the threat coming from them being in freedom.


Marshal Pete Elliott said their task force will continue to work hard to get criminals off the streets.


He added that the violence like this will not be tolerated in the community.


Cleveland Gas Station Owner Got Attacked By a Man With Metal Pipe

Cleveland Gas Station Owner Got Attacked By a Man With Metal Pipe

ohio newsCLEVELAND, OHIO—Police says, a man attacked Cleveland gas station owner with the metal pipe. The owner refused to sell him an alcohol.


The incident happened on Saturday at about 4 the Marathon Gas station on Fulton Road and Clark Avenue.


The accused man named Carlos Pagan is 47. He is being charged with felony assault.


Carlos Pagan is being held in the Cuyahoga County Jail on $50.000 bond.


The owner of the gas station clears up the circumstances of the incident. He told the police that Pagan walked into the gas station and tried to get an alcohol. He refused to sell an alcohol to him, because of the law that forbids selling alcohol after the legal cutoff time of 1 a.m.


After Pagan got rejected by the owner, he furiously rushed into his car to grab a metal pipe, said police.


According to the police report, Pagan hit the front door to the store and cracked the glass.


The owner of the gas station went outside. He confronted Pagan and Pagan struck him in the left arm with the metal pipe. The latter got knocked to the ground.


Police said Pagan hit him repeatedly with the pipe while the owner was on the ground.


Pagan jumped into a car and run away. Fortunately, the officer spotted Pagan’s car driving by the store.


The officer was able to stop Pagan’s car a few streets down.


The police report says a metal pipe was found inside the car.


Akron’s Residents Participate in Recreation Programming Through Survey

Akron’s Residents Participate in Recreation Programming Through Survey

Akron's recreational programming

The Akron ’s parks need the help from its residents. That’s why the city is asking residents to give input through an online survey on Akron’s parks to make improvements.


The city asks residents to share their knowledge about recreational amenities, as well as their interests and needs. That will help to develop a strategic plan to improve the community, as well as recreational programming.


The survey takes only 5-7 minutes to fill in. And most importantly, it’s anonymous.


Mayor Dan Horrigan says that public spaces and recreation are sorts of stimulation for neighborhood development.


Horrigan is proud of the recreation service that the city provides.


Yet, his goal is to evaluate or change the way they provide services and modernize it.


The shortest way to is to ask the citizens what they need from the city government. Asking citizens for their opinion is a way to enhance public engagement.


Survey reveals the things that need to be added or improved. Moreover, it finds out how much citizens value existing offerings.


The question is how to attract new park users. To do that one should know what people enjoy so that the city can better serve them.


Recreation Bureau Manager encouraged Akron residents to use their services and to speak up their mind.


There are so-called ‘’friend’s groups’’ near each Akron park. They help to keep the parks clean and inviting.


There is a partnership between the city and Friends of the Metro Parks. Is there a better way of succeeding than to gather people for the same goal?


For better results, the city came up with a study that includes 161 Akron parks. It covers 3804 acres.


There is no age discrimination for Akron’s residents.  11 Akron community centers, as well as Balch Street fitness center is for the use of the resident of any age group.


A Music Video Shoot Led to Gunfire Shooting: 7 People Shot

A Music Video Shoot Led to Gunfire Shooting: 7 People Shot

cleveland shootingCLEVELAND, Ohio – Cleveland police now say 7 people were hit by gunfire in a shooting outside an east side bar early Thursday morning.


The shooting took place at around 1:30 a.m. Thursday in the parking lot of the DPG Dogpound Lounge on St. Clair Ave. near E. 186th St., according to the police.


Multiple women got into a fight in the parking lot outside the DPG Lounge when a man was hit with something, a witness said. That’s when several people pulled out guns and began shooting, according to the witness


Cleveland police said 7 people were hit by gunfire. Three of them were in critical condition.


A large presence of officers and detectives remained at the scene several hours until the scene was cleared by 6 a.m.


Police told the local news that hundreds of people had gathered for an after-party following a music video shoot earlier in the evening at a nearby park. The video shooting was taking place in the parking lot as well. Police said nearly a thousand people were at the music video shoo.


Cleveland rapper Q Money posted on his Instagram page urging fans to gather at Mandalay Park at 5 p.m. Wednesday. The park is just a few minutes from the bar.


Q Money posted clips from the video shoot on his Instagram story.


A witness told that Q Money was at the bar when the shooting happened. The witness also said the bar got very crowded following the Beyonce and Jay Z concert at FirstEnergy Stadium Wednesday night.


There is no immediate information about the shooter/shooters.


Break-in at a Gun Store Causes Shooting, Stolen Car and Crash

Break-in at a Gun Store Causes Shooting, Stolen Car and Crash

COLUMBIA STATION, Ohio – A break-in at a firearms store in Mentor caused a shooting and then a chase of a stolen vehicle by several police departments into Columbia Station. There was the pursued vehicle crashed into another vehicle on Monday morning.


Mentor officers responded to a break-in at Silverado Firearms, located at 7255 Center St. in Mentor, around 5:00 a.m. where they found a person running from the front of the store towards the back of the building. At the same time, a vehicle came from behind and started driving towards officers, refusing to stop.


Officials are on scene at Silverado Firearms investigating the cause of the incident.


Two officers fired a total of four shots at the vehicle. The driver exited the vehicle and fled on foot, which led to a passenger to move into the driver’s seat and lead officers on a chase from Center Street on State Route 2.


Shell casings were left at the scene of a break-in at a Mentor gun store.


During the short pursuit, the vehicle went off the right side of the road, down an embankment and through a fence until it came to a rest in the parking lot of a business on Tyler Boulevard.


When in the parking lot, an occupant inside the car stole a vehicle from a medical facility across the street.


Drive Up: The New Pick-Up Option Target is Brining to Ohio

Drive Up: The New Pick-Up Option Target is Brining to Ohio

Target has some great news for Ohioans! This week, the company announced that they will be expanding their “Drive Up” service in 5 states, one of which is Ohio.


The “Drive Up” service gives customers the option to place an order online or on the Target app and then pick it up outside one of the stores. Customers in Cleveland, Columbus, and many other cities can now get whatever they need while remaining in their vehicle.


TargetIt’s very quick and easy! You place your order on the Target app, choose the location that you want, then once you get there all you do is wait in your car by the store. The app will notify you when your order will be ready for pickup so you don’t have to wait.


Once you are ready to head to the store, you choose the “I’m on the Way” button to inform the employees that you will be there soon. When you arrive at your designated store, you park in one of the “Drive Up” parking spots and wait for the employee to come out.


In a matter of a few minutes, the employee will bring out your order and load it in your vehicle and you’re ready to get on with your day! Quick and easy right?


Not every single item in stores will have the “Drive Up” service option. However, the majority will. Worst case scenario, you can also choose the store pick-up option which is just as fast.


You will also have to pay for any item when you purchase it with the “Drive Up” option. You cannot pay in store or the employee, it should be done on the app. Otherwise, it will not let your order go through.


The first city to get this new service in Ohio is Columbus and the next will be Cleveland. The other cities have not been determined or announced by Target.


Terrorist Suspect Caught and Arrested for Terror Plan on Cleveland

Terrorist Suspect Caught and Arrested for Terror Plan on Cleveland

The city of Cleveland was in big relief yesterday after the FBI caught and arrested the man who was planning on bombing downtown Cleveland on Fourth of July.


The 48-year-old man is from Maple Heights and his name is Demetrius N. Pitts.


He caught authorities’ attention when he started following the Facebook page of Al-Qaida, a terrorist organization.


Pitts was born in America and used to live in Philadelphia. It is believed he was also attempting to attack people in Philadelphia.


According to investigators, Pitts has two other names, Abdur Raheem Rafeeq and Salah ad-Deem Osama Waleed.


The affidavit supporting this case claims that Pitts revealed anti-American actions in the years of 2015 through 2017. However, this year an undercover FBI agent tricked Pitts into believing he is part of the al-Qaida organization as well.


June 22nd is when the undercover agent met Pitts and found out about his desire to attack downtown Cleveland on Fourth of July.


Police have not revealed whether Pitts had access to bombing equipment or if he was able to create an explosive by himself. However, they claim that Pitts had “the desire and intent” to attack the city during the parade.


However, the police department later stated that the arrest was made to be cautious if he were to take any action tomorrow. “Law enforcement cannot sit back and wait for Mr. Pitts to commit a violent attack,” said Stephen Anthony, an FBI Special Agent.


While he was undercover, FBI provided Pitts with a phone and a bus pass to see what he would do with his plans to tour the Coast Guard Station.


Pitts was on a mission to “destroy the government.” Luckily, he did not succeed.


If all goes well, Pitts should be facing jail time for at least 20 years.


An Attempted Terror Attack Has Been Prevented in Downtown Cleveland

An Attempted Terror Attack Has Been Prevented in Downtown Cleveland

A man from Maple Heights plotted to set off a bomb at the 4th of July fireworks celebration in downtown Cleveland to “strike at the values at the very core of our nation,” according to the officials.


Demetrius N. Pitts, 48, expressed a desire to join al Qaeda and kill U.S. citizens — including military personnel and their families. He told the undercover agent of his plot to conduct a July 4 attack on Voinovich Park, where the fireworks are set off each year, authorities said Monday during a news conference announcing Pitts’ arrest.


“Just last week, this defendant was walking around downtown Cleveland conducting reconnaissance on what he believed was a large-scale attack,” U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Ohio Justin Herdman said. “He looked for a place to park a van full of explosives.”


Cleveland terror attackThe FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force arrested Pitts on Sunday afternoon. He will appear later Monday in federal court, Herdman said. Pitts faces a maximum of 20 years in federal prison if he is convicted, Herdman said.


Pitts is a U.S. citizen and Philadelphia native, but he became radicalized and is also known by the names Abdur Raheem Rafeeq and Salah ad-Deem Osama Waleed.


Pitts met the undercover agent June 22 in Walton Hills. During the meeting he told the undercover agent of his desire to conduct a terrorist attack during the Fourth of July celebration in downtown Cleveland, authorities said. “What would hit them at their core?” Those were his words told to the undercover agent, according to the affidavit. “Blow up in the, have a bomb blow up the Fourth of July parade.”


Stephen Anthony, FBI Special Agent in Charge,  declined to say during the news conference if Pitts had access to, or can make, an explosive. But Pitts had the “desire and intent” to conduct the attack, Anthony said.


The attack was planned to be at Voinovich Park. He was also pleased the location is near the U.S. Coast Guard station and the Anthony J. Celebrezze Federal Building, the affidavit says.


Pitts told the undercover agent he planned to travel to downtown Cleveland to conduct reconnaissance on the area. The undercover agent texted Pitts on June 22 and indicated al Qaeda “brothers” would provide him a bus pass and a cellphone. A confidential source then met Pitts on July 25 in Maple Heights and gave him the items, authorities said.


Pitts texted the undercover agent the following day to say he’d completed his reconnaissance, and that he wanted to “destroy the government,” the affidavit says. He subsequently met with the confidential source to the return the cell phone, so its content could be given to al Qaeda “brothers,” the affidavit says.


Pitts met the undercover agent for a final time on Sunday. He explained his plan to travel back to his hometown of Philadelphia, so he could conduct reconnaissance for a future attack there, the affidavit says. The undercover agent reminded Pitts that people would die in a potential terrorist attack, but Pitts responded by saying he did not care and had no regrets, the affidavit says.


Pitts has an extensive criminal history, including prior convictions for felonious assault, domestic violence and carrying concealed weapons, Anthony said.


There is no approved information about the Pitt’s home investigation.


Police Chief Calvin Williams said the Cleveland police department will have additional police officers on duty, as is standard for all holiday celebrations or large events. Officers on duty will have a heightened sense of vigilance, Williams said, but he also asked residents to report any suspicious activity.


Pay extra attention to people around you and be safe. Happy 4th of July!


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